Corona virus is the world's medicine, we are the virus

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Once there was a deep friendship between man and nature. As human beings loved nature,  nature gave generously to man. Nature used to fulfill all the basic needs of human beings including food, clothing and shelter. But over time the needs of the people started to increase. People began to influence nature to meet their needs. As a result, their friendship began to break down and the balance continued to deteriorate. People began to destroy nature for enjoyment.

As civilization progresses, people continue to damage the earth for its comfort. In the final stages of civilization, nature has begun to dominate. The trees and the forests are cutting down, filling canals and rivers, setting up new factories,  increasing the use of public transport, private vehicles, plastics, polythene. It's like celebrating the destruction of the world.

Every year, millions of hectares of forests are being cut off in the world, thousands of tons carbon are emitted in the air, countless polythene bags are used. Countries with industrialized and emerging economies are mainly responsible for this pollution. At different times, different countries and different organizations have tried to unite everyone to stop the pollution. In many cases temporary success also comes. But the dominant country have always been indifference. As a result, these great plans were thwarted. The latest example of which is the Paris Climate Agreement.

On April 22, International Earth Day. In 1970, the US senator Gaylord Nelson started celebrating International Earth Day to prevent aggression on Earth, to make people aware of nature and the environment and to make progress in implementing various environmental plans. In 1990, the United Nations placed this day in their annual calendar. Since then the day is being internationally celebrated. At present, more than 193 countries in the world are celebrating this day through the 'Earth Day Network'.

International Earth Day 2020 has entered its 50th year.  This time the theme is 'Climate Action'. The day has come at a time when the outbreak of Corona virus is causing the world's helplessness. Many claim it is a revenge for nature. Industries, factories have been declared closed, public transport has been shut down, private cars have been banned, no water pollution competition to prevent transmission of the virus. In a word, the whole world seems to have come to a standstill.

On the other hand, this event seems to have become 'Poush' month in nature. In China, carbon emissions have dropped by about 25 percent. Water is starting to clear more than any other time as the ferry stops on the canals in Venice, Italy. Fish were also seen playing under water there. The amount of carbon in the air of America and South Korea has decreased.  Moreover, dolphins have been seen swimming fearlessly on the beach of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh which has not been seen in the last few decades. It looks like the Corona virus is the world's medicine, we are the virus.

However, this condition is not chronic. Maybe the situation will come back to normal soon. Then people will again fall into the destruction of nature with great enthusiasm. Industrialized countries will start implementing big plans to strengthen their economy. In this case, we may have nothing to do. But on this special day, we should swear to stay away from all the small activities that are leading us to the destruction of the world. Moreover, we can take some more initiatives. For example, we can conveniently plant trees in the yard; can prevent wastage of gas, water, electricity;  can reduce the use of polythene; can use fan instead of air conditioning etc. These small initiatives will help the world return to its true form.

Our love for the world in which we were born, the world that has kept us as mothers for centuries, is desirable. How can we be good if the world is not good? In order to sustain our existence, we should make arrangements to keep the world good.


Jahid Hassan Comilla University
Md Jahid Hassan
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh

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