Don't let the corona situation make us addicted to mobile

mobile addiction
Arif, a ninth grade student.  He studied in a famous school in Dhaka.  Goes to school regularly, plays games with friends, hangs out together and studies properly.  His days were going well.  But by the middle of March, everything became chaotic.  Schools and colleges were closed to prevent coronavirus infection, and restrictions were placed on going out of the house.  Suddenly he finds himself trapped in four walls.  So I lean towards mobile to spend time.  Now he spends his days playing video games on his mobile, using Facebook and watching movies.

Although the above character is used metaphorically, many such Arifs can be found today.  The corona virus continues to plague the entire world and has brought students' education to a standstill.  All educational institutions in our country have been closed since March 16 this year.  So everyone, including students, is living in their own homes.  It is not possible to get out of the house without much need.  So, whether it is searching for relatives in the country and abroad or chatting with friends, almost everything has to be done on mobile now.  We spend most of the day on mobile now.  As a result, many people are becoming addicted to mobile.

Mobile phones have become our best friend due to house arrest.  The amount of watching games, Facebook chatting, YouTube on mobile has increased a lot.  A closer look shows that before the Corona outbreak, people used mobile phones for their own needs, but now that use has multiplied.  Students in particular are leaning towards mobiles due to the closure of schools, colleges and universities.  Due to excessive use, many people are becoming emotionally damaged due to mobile addiction, adversely affecting their health.  In this case, they are more likely to have vision problems.  In addition, excessive mobile use can lead to tumors in the head, sleep problems or insomnia.  Mobile addiction can lead to boredom, memory loss and various mental health problems.  So we should take care of our health and ensure moderate use of mobile.

Misuse of mobile is wasting a lot of precious time of our lives.  Mobile has brought the whole world in the palm of your hand.  If we want, we can enrich ourselves by knowing any information through mobile in a moment.  So in case of mobile use, it should be productive and used for a specific period of time.  Moreover, in the Corona situation, we got a lot of unexpected leisure time.  So we should spend time with our family very well.  We can read many story books to spend our leisure time.  We can help family members with various household chores.

Chaiti Debnath Dipa
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh

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