The fate of a rural helpless young woman

rural woman
Rahima, a young woman born in a helpless family in the village. Despite all the obstacles, her life of helplessness was somehow going away.  As soon as they are a little older, it will not be possible for them to get married. That's why their family covered up all their troubles and borrowed money at broken interest and handed over their underage daughter to male vampires in exchange for dowry. The same thing happened in the life of rural girl Rahima.

Her life goes well in the beginning after marriage.  Shortly after the marriage, her husband moved abroad with dowry money.  Rahima became pregnant at an early age.  Since then extreme misfortune has descended on his life.  Pregnancy at an early age causes many physical complications in her daily life.  Then suddenly the news came that her husband had been fired abroad.  It's like a stepping stone to death.  In a situation where Rahima needed intense observation and mental strength, she fell victim to the emotional abuse of her mother-in-law and husband.  Also, his mother-in-law kept telling him that he was unlucky.  Even her future child will be unlucky.

This is how darkness comes closer to his life.  In such a situation, he is deprived of the help of his parents. Because then his family is struggling to repay the loan of his marriage dowry.  Thousands of young women like Rahima are facing a difficult situation due to the premature marriage of young women from rural helpless families.  In order to protect our society from such a difficult situation, we need to be aware of ourselves as well as our close relatives and friends.


Shohanul Islam Comilla University
Shohanul Islam Sarker
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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