Is Bangladesh ready for online class?

online class
One of the problems in Bangladesh at present is the problem of students.  As a result of the global epidemic of corona virus, people from all over the world are constantly suffering.  However, in order to overcome this misery of the students, online teaching has started in various universities, colleges and schools.

For students, in this idle state of their father, it has become almost impossible for them to buy data and take classes.  Moreover, the network problem seems to be one of the major problem rural areas. They have to stay behind for this.  Although affluent city families or students of most private universities do not have much problem in giving online lessons, the suffering of students from indigent, remote and unemployed families of various public universities seems to be increasing.

Most of them don't have enough money for food and clothing, they buy data at a higher price.  During such a lockdown, it is as if such lessons are constantly falling into the extreme misery of ordinary students and their parents.  In addition, many still do not have an Android phone to take classes online, do not have an advanced high-speed network system.  Again, most of the students can be seen absent in the online class.

In this situation, the online classes seem to be constantly pushing one student from the other.  Other students will also have to suffer in this.  Moreover, it is not possible for students to learn everything online, because we are learning more in a practical way than watching.

Above all, the general students are saying that the country is not yet fully ready for online teaching, maybe in the coming days the country will be fully ready for online teaching.  In the current situation, in the name of online teaching, ordinary students and their family members should not be harassed financially and emotionally.  This has become their main demand to eliminate this dramatic system called online class at the present time.

But some developed countries are being able to get rid of this uselessness by making radical changes and preconceptions in the education system.  So we also want change or pre-planning in the education system for the post corona country.  And the changes or pre-plans we want are:
1. Curriculum need to change.
2. Online-based class confirmation and the necessary materials for the class, such as: smart phones, to ensure the convenience of purchasing data at a low price.
3.  Teachers and students need to be provided training in online based teaching.
4.  We learn more through realistic training and it is more important to doctors or engineers.  So they have to do 3D screening or something so that they do not shy away from this realistic training.
5. Adoption of long term plan.  (E.g. Taking theory class during the current disaster and taking practical classes and tests after the disaster is over)
6. Online examination system has to be done because everything including the education system of the future will be based online.
7. Since parents are involved in this, so parents have to give a positive idea about it.
8. For the far-reaching improvement of the education system, a committee should be formed with well-thought-out people.
9.  We have to arrange big budget in the education system.
10. We need an education system that disester can't do anything.

Al Amin Islam Nasim
Student, Department of Islamic History & Culture
Islamic University, Bangladesh

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