Let the world fight together

The devastation of Corona virus is now around the world. This virus has brought all the people and all the country of the world in a row. Just as it attacks the people in the slums, so does the people in the palace. From Africa's poor country Rwanda to Europe's wealthy country England or the powerful country of the United States, there is no escape. Now the whole world has to get an undeclared war against it.

This is a few days ago, Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes on Hoti rebels in Yemen, the United States and Russia launched counter-airstrikes on Syrian influence. The United States were almost involved in the war with Iran to reduce Iran's influence in the Middle East . But today, the clash of all arms has stopped, all the casualties of the world have stopped. Everyone is now fighting to keep its own existence.

A few days ago, with the revised citizenship law, the conflict of Hindu-Muslims in India, fierce memory of setting fire in the mosque and hanging the Hanuman flag on top is still in mind. The groups that promote hatred and sectarianism in religion, groups that promote communalism or political looters are now in the hope of normalizing the situation arising out of the situation due to the virus.

The two countries that always stand in opposition to the South China Sea are China and Japan. For the influence of the sea what a warlike situation that once was among them! One after another trial of Navy and Air Force seemed like a war. But Japan has come forward when China is struggling to handle the attacks of Corona virus in Wuhan province. Sent help and words of friendship (in Chinese), "We may be different from the rivers and the sea, but we live under the same sky, sun and moonlight." What a line full of love!

Italy was attacked when China was recovering from the virus outbreak. China extended his hand. China wrote on the box of medical supplies sent to Italy (in Roman), "At the end of the day, we are the waves of the same sea." This is an utmost truth, an immortal saying that has been avoided for ages.

Bangladesh also did not sit down. As much as possible helping in China's bad time. Sent 10 lakh hand gloves, 5 lakh face mask, 15 lakh head caps, 1 lakh hand sanitizer, 50 thousand sua cover and 8 thousand gowns.And so in this situation of Bangladesh, China also gave his reward. China government has sent 10 thousand testing kit for Coronavirus identification, 10 thousand testing kit, 10 thousand Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and 1 thousand thermometers in this country. A team of specialist doctors have promised to send if the situation looks bad. As well as the message of friendship, "The boat of love goes to the mountain." How deep! What loving words!

This gift, this help may end now. But people will remember these lines long. These lines are larger than the gift. Let them remind us of that great message of humanity, "The highest truth is humanity, and above that is nothing." Based on mutual assistance, survive human civilization. The world is filled with love, let the world fight together.


Md Jahid Hassan
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh

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