The time of lockdown can be the time of acquire skills

Human civilization in crisis during the uncertain period of Covid-19. People are fluttering their wings like prisoners in a birdcage. This captive time of lockdown may be the time to survive and prepare ourselves to breathe free air in the world to come. Human civilization has changed with the passage of time. Now this is the time to adapt to change and try to stay ahead of the world. In the future to acquire skills in the matter of one's own choice from the various fences on a daily basis.

Gaining language skills can be a new addition to the lockdown. There are many materials in modern times to enrich oneself with pure standard pronunciation of Bengali language. One of them may be the habit of reading books. There are endless gems in Bengali literature. There is a huge reserve on the internet of these favorite literatures. PDF versions of various books can be easily downloaded if you want. In addition to books, there may be news readings or programs from various news organizations.

This lockdown period may be the time to learn pure Bengali as well as international language English. It is possible to develop the ability to speak in English by trying to speak in everyday thoughts or normal events. There are free discussions on various topics on the internet, you can join these discussions using your smartphone, good quality English movies, dramas, Ted's talk will help in listening skills development. By reading English magazines on the internet using a smartphone, it is possible to know the information of the country and abroad as well as to acquire the skill of reading. Writing can enrich one's own thoughts or attempts to write down what happened while using English. There are also various English language classes available on YouTube which can be a good medium during this lockdown situation. 

Sitting at home in Lock Down will enrich the scope of knowledge about the motherland Bangladesh and various traditions of the world such as the size of the country, ethnic groups, festivals, culture, ethnic groups in the past, famous thinkers of history, etc. In this case Google, YouTube, Wikipedia can be used through smartphone.

The war of independence and liberation is the pride of the Bengali nation. Now is the time to know the exact history of the great liberation war. It is essential to know the position of the roots to enrich oneself. The correct history of the sacrifices of the great martyrs in the war of liberation will inspire us to survive this epidemic. Dreams of a bright future ahead. It is now very easy to read books written about the liberation war using the internet. The true history of the heroism of the liberation war will not disappoint us but will give us the dream of survival.

In order to prove yourself in this world of information technology, it is important to be proficient in information and communication technology. This period of the Covid-19 epidemic has taken the need for the use of information and communication technology a few steps further. Online services and the future will largely depend on technology, starting with various organizations already in the country and abroad. Attempts to acquire skills in various computer applications such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, database, graphic design, programming, etc. will keep us ahead in the coming days. Therefore, in this great endeavor to survive, the knowledge of information and communication technology can be the tool of the future by removing the filth of laziness or frustration.

In addition, this time of leisure can be trying to write things that you like, drawing pictures, songs, dances, recitations and other things that can bring a taste of freshness by removing the boredom of lockdown.

Khandaker Nayma Akter Noon
Student, Department of Archaeology
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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  1. very good thinking and appropriate in this pandemic situation. Nice writing.


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