Thoughts of rural people about corona

Village People
The time is towards the end of December 2019.  The deadly corona virus has attacked the Chinese city of Wuhan.  It spread very fast in different countries of Europe and America including China.  But still the people of the villages of Bangladesh did not know what to do.  Within a few days, the virus began to take a deadly turn in Europe and America.  Later, attacks started in different countries of Asia.  Bangladesh, a country in Southeast Asia, could not escape its wrath.  Corona was first identified on March 7 in Bangladesh.  From then on the people of the village began to know something about Corona.  But still no effect of awareness was noticed among them.

In our country at first the number of patients increased slowly but later it became rapid.  Although Corona first began to spread rapidly in big and important cities. Due to which the roots of unconsciousness of the people of the village become stronger. They think the virus is in the city.  What is the benefit of becoming aware of us so early? Some educated civil society people in the village wear masks and gloves to ensure their personal protection, but they also fall prey to unconscious people.  The look in the eyes of unconscious people confuses their minds.  At one point the corona infection reached the community transmission stage.  As a result, Corona spreads from village to village.  But even then the confused idea remains in the minds of rural people.  They think they have been infected in another village but our village has not been infected !

Gradually when the infection reaches their village, they say it will be the way God has put death.  It is true that God will save us, but for that we need some or the other.  That is why we need to have a minimum awareness.  In the absence of this awareness, the whole of Bangladesh is now under threat.  No one knows when this violence will end, when the people of Bengal will once again put their hands on each other's shoulders to strengthen the foundation of Bengal's economy, when Bangladesh will once again become a role model for developing countries.


Shohanul Islam Comilla University
Sohanul Islam Sarkar
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh

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