Acts of inhumanity in the time of Corona pandemic

inhumanity in the time of Corona pandemic
The current Corona Virus pandemic that challenges our sense of wellbeing and pose a significant threat to our thriving. It is not a crisis that impacts only our physical health, but is challenging mentally and emotionally as well. The uncertainty, unpredictability and uncontrollability created by COVID-19 pervades every aspect of our lives.  It is a crisis that is global in scope and massive in its complexity, and what we previously took for granted as safe is no longer safe. 

Such an existential crisis moment , the whole world tries to overcome the problem. So many people are showing their humanity by helping others such as helping the poor, providing medical equipment to the front line COVID fighters. But in our country some misleader including ruling party's some leaders and representatives , powerful personnel doing inhuman activities during this covid time.

These people remind us Rabindranath Tagore's poem "Puratan Bhritya" (The Old Manservant). In the lifespan of Rabindranath Tagore, he witnessed several epidemic like malaria, small pox and plague and he portraits it in his writings. Tagore’s long poem, "Puratan Bhritya" tells the aching story of a much-reviled house help who nurses his master to health but succumbs to smallpox. 

Bengali Zamindar, who is served by a loyal yet deeply scorned manservant named Keshta, who despite being repeatedly abused, scoffed and periodically ordered out of the household (often instigated by Zamindar’s irate wife, who considers Keshta nothing more than a wasteful nuisance for the family), refuses to leave his employer, for whom he clearly holds an astonishing sense of devotion.

Rabindranath Tagore

The great drama and irony of the story occurs, of course, with the Zamindar discovering that Keshta has accompanied him instead of his more-preferred servant Nibaran, and in the end how Keshta nurses him back from the very doorstep of death after all his pilgrim friends abandon him once he contracts small pox in holy Vrindavan.  In return for his exemplary service for his Master, Keshta is rewarded with the virulent small pox himself. 

This story reminds us the dark mountains of present Bangladesh where the life savior, doctors are provided fake mask by some culprits.

Frontline coronavirus fighters especially the doctors, nurses and health stuffs throwing their life in danger , they provide us treatment. They are  facing a serious situation as the number of infected is increasing steadily. According to Bangladesh Medical Association(BMA) up to 23 July, 6197 doctors, nurses and health stuffs have been affected  and 68 were died by COVID-19 while working for emergency services in the coronavirus crisis.

But some culprits make these front liners life more vulnerable. A recent news reveals at least 45 resident doctors work in BSMMU to treat the COVID-19 patients were provided fake N-95 masks. Doctors are worried as they face risk of contagion due to the fake masks while treating the COVID-19 patients.

Corona front fighter

It is just one example of inhumanities. There are plethora of cruel activities happen in our country in a regular basis  including Covid-19 certificate scam, relief rice theft by the local representatives, beating doctor. In the case of Covid-19 certificate scam some of those names  including Shahed Karim,  Sabrina, Ariful, Sarmin Jahan, Masud Parvez have exposed recently. But still the masterminds are out of law. 

At a time when the country was struggling to deal with the coronavirus crisis amid shutdown, instead of showing humanity some public representatives and Open Market Sale (OMS) dealers have been misappropriating rice meant for vulnerable group feeding and OMS projects.

We don't know when this pandemic will end but we can guess in the post pandemic world, people will be traumatized. In Shweta Taneja’s dystopian story “The Daughter that Bleeds” which is in the running for a major French award, portrait the post pandemic world where women have become infertile in a post-apocalyptic India ravaged by bio wars. 

But still the inhumanities of human has not come to an end. So we have to wait for the  Red Death of 'The Mask of the Red Death' by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, where Red Death killed the sinners.

Finally, it will be the collective realisation of our kinship with the living planet that will determine what awaits us on the long road that stretches beyond the dark mountains of the present. Therefore, we hope for a Corona Virus free world,  where there will be no corrupted person as well as misleader.

Amdadul H Sarker
Amdadul H Sarker
Student, Department of English
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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