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As time goes by, the horror of Corona is increasing.  While the United States, China and European countries are slowly recovering from the Corona epidemic, the opposite is true in Southeast Asia.  New records are being set every day in Southeast Asian countries including Bangladesh.  Every day there is a competition to break previous record.  In such a situation, the role of campusian in creating awareness to protect the lives of the people is immense.  Since the university students are the future leaders of the nation, since they will lead the nation in the future, they should try to adapt to the difficult situation.

The government bears most of the expenses of the students studying in the university.  We are able to educate ourselves in higher education with the money earned by the common people. So it is our moral duty to come forward with the help of the common people.  If we cannot engage ourselves in the service of the nation and the common people in such a difficult moment, then the very purpose of our education will be thwarted.  In the current situation, most of the university students are staying in their villages.  In addition to keeping themselves free from corona, all effective measures should be taken to create awareness among the people.

We believe that the people of the village look at the students studying in the university with respect and try their best to abide by their advice.  So we should form a corona response team with interested youth in our village and form a corona fund.  To make arrangements for external prohibition at the entrance of the village except in case of emergency.  Advising the people of the village to move with social distance.  To make sure that there is no shortage of food for the people of the village.  To arrange for someone to enter the village with the necessary measures in case of emergency.  Arranging food from the fund for the needy in the village.

In this way, if we can bring ourselves under control in every village of Bangladesh, just as light can be seen at the end of the night, we can deal with this disaster and return to normal life, InshaAllah.  Then we can go back to our respective campuses, meet those familiar faces.  Soon that good day will come.  I waited for that.

Shohanul Islam Sarker
Shohanul Islam Sarker
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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