When will I be back on my campus?

comilla university
I have been admitted to Comilla University not long ago.  There was an opportunity to take classes for three months only.  After that, everything went awry in Corona's ordeal.  In those three months, many memories have been created on campus.  Often those memories linger in the corner of the mind.  The day I first entered the university, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the campus.  The mountains of red soil and the greenery have fascinated me.  It is as if nature has decorated the campus with its own hands.

The natural beauty of the campus has made the people of the campus beautiful.  In those three months, I received a lot of affection and advice from my senior brothers and sisters.  That continuity still continues.  Sir's classes, assignments, presentations and quizzes would have ended those days.  I used to get tired.  And now I miss those busy days.  In those three months, my classmates became my closest friends.

The minds of the people of the plains dance when they see the mountains.  That is what happened in our case.  So first we went for a walk together on a hill inside the campus.  Then everyone went for a walk to the Shaheed Minar on campus.  It was through this journey that the bond between us became stronger.  One day we went to the famous Shalban Bihar in Comilla.  Is it possible to forget about that day in the chat and story?  And the day we went to War Cemetery, we had a lot of trouble.  Because we walked a long way.  But do we notice all this while hanging out with friends?

comilla university mountain
We didn't go anywhere because we were busy with classes and exams for some time.  We all decided to go to the Golden Temple in Comilla.  But because of Corona, we didn't go anymore.  In those three months I had the good fortune to join the Science Club, the Debating Club.  I remember the day of Ekushey February.  Everyone was on campus from afternoon to late night.  I have never seen night campus before.  The campus seemed to be redecorated that day.  I often saw the program on the 'Mukto Moncha' of the campus.  I used to go there with my friends to enjoy the program.  I don't know when I will be able to sit on the floor together and chat.  I don't know when I will be able to eat at 'Mama Hotel' with my friends again.  But one day this corona epidemic will be over.  That day l will go back to the beloved campus.

Chaity Debnath Dipa
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh

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