The COVID-19: Scream of the middle class people

Middle class people
The world is passing through deep crisis and challenges everyday due to the attack of pandemic corona virus. Like many developed countries of the world, our beloved homeland of Bangladesh is also facing great crisis and limitations. The number of affected persons and deaths is increasing at leaps and bound. Stagnation has come down across the country.

As a precautionary measure, people are staying at home. As a result, the most miserable are the impoverished as well as the middle class people. Not only the health risks, but also three time meals a day is becoming almost impossible for many of them.

The middle class family lives on by a  fixed and limited income. Mini business, or job is their source of livelihood. Many businesses are closing down due to the closure of public gatherings across the country, many middle class people are losing their jobs. Though many of them didn’t lose their job, the are being deprived of salary allowance for four or five months . If some of them had small deposited amount, it has already spent within this three or four month.

Many middle class people are working in hotel, restaurant or shops  are living a jobless life due to the closure of these institutions, many of them have to pull out small loan installments. Although the income is almost nill, the payment of many NGOs have not been stopped. As a result, these people are living a vulnerable life under the pressure of interest or compounding.

Some dishonest business  are stock piling daily necessaries for fear of closing shops or rising the prize hike due to the Corona situation. Again some unscrupulous traders are creating an artificial crisis of goods for getting extra profit . As a result, the prices of essential commodities are rising, which is a big blow to the poor.

Unemployment due to Corona

As a result, they are facing great troubles  as not to beg help to anybody or stand in the line for relief thinking social status.  The recent available  incidents  of middle class people leaving their rented  house in Dhaka city as well as other metropolitan cities and moving to the villages indicates how helpless and miserable life passing they are!

From a recent survey, we have come to know that  the average income in the slums of Bangladeshi cities and among the rural poor has dropped by more than 80% since the outbreak of the novel corona virus. According to a World Bank survey, 30 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is middle class. Among 16 crores  people, the number stands at 4 crores  80 lakh. This number may have increased further due to extreme misery in Corona. Many upper middle class are living in lower middle class and many lower middle class are living in poverty.

The researchers observation that has published in media is that the number of poor in the country, which was 21 percent at the beginning of March, now stands at 35-40 percent. This figure shows how worst situation is proceeding within this corona period. 

Therefore, it is very important to think seriously about the scream these indigent people.Our govt. should take some effective measures and specific  instructions like job security, lift their stagnant salaries and waive a certain percentage of rent and special incentives etc. Besides our government, if the affluent people come forward is this regard, it will be great support to alleviate their sufferings. 

Tanvir Ahmed Rasel
Tanvir Ahmed Rasel
Student, Department of Pharmacy.
Convener, Bangladesh Tarun Column Lekhok Forum, Comilla University Unit
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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