First amendment of Bangladesh constitution and our misconception

Constitution and War Crime
The Constitution is called the mirror of a country. As mirrors reflect the image of an object, the constitution reflects the image of a country's whole system. Every citizen of a country should have a minimum concept about the constitution. Specially, about some separate articles relating people’s daily life.

In our surrounding, we see numerous people unnecessarily dispute without knowing a single article of the constitution. People usually heed to the rumour without reading the constitution. Let me give an example, a misconception remains among ourselves about war criminals.

Most of the people always note a point that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman did forgive the war criminals and gave them an opportunity to come to the election and participate in the parliament. And also they said that he gave them full liberty to do anything like the citizens of this country. People usually utter the misconception cited- above. But the reality is,  they've never seen the article 47A in the constitution.

The first amendment in 1973 was about war criminals. After the liberation war in 1971, this amendment ensured the trial of war criminals. The then Law Minister Manoranjan Dhar introduced the bill in Parliament. The bill was passed by 254-0 votes. Three voters abstained from voting at that time. It was later approved by the President on 16 July 1973.

First amendment of the Constitution act 1973  was  passed  on 15 July 1973. This amendment was made to face a special situation. There was no special law the country to prosecute those who committed war crimes, crime against humanity, genocide and other crimes under international law during the liberation war in 1971. Again, the provisions of fundamental  rights in the constitution did not allow their  separate trial.

So it was the demand of time to make the first amendment of the  constitution to prosecute and punish those  criminals who were engaged in war crimes in  the period of our liberation. Lastly, there are many characteristics of good citizens, keeping knowledge about the constitution is most important. We should read our constitution properly. So that we can keep clear concepts about our country and constitution.

Md Shofiqul islam Niamot
Md Shofiqul islam Niamot
Student, department of Political Science
University of Rajshahi, Bangladeshi.

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