I hope to return to my campus

Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST) campus
What happens in the case of small campuses, there is an opportunity to meet and interact with the students of all the departments every day and learn a lot which is rarely seen in the case of large campuses.  Our Pabna University of Science and Technology(PUST) campus is not very big so meeting everyone every day is a good thing.

I am a student of Pharmacy Department of Pabna University of Science and Technology.  March 1, 2020 was my first day at university.  That day was very special.  There was a small arrangement to welcome us.  The program started with an introductory session and then there was a fun game through lottery where someone sang a song, someone acted and someone recited a poem which was very enjoyable. On the first day, I became good friends with most of the students in the class. Then gradually I became good friends with everyone.

In the middle of the class, we used to gather and chat with friends. We used to break throat and recite songs and poems. It was very special to have a lot of fun with friends at university events, to reach the destination by singing in the evening.

One day at the end of the class, we all decided to go for a walk. We all decided to walk wherever we went. So we walked together from the campus to the railway line. Then we walked 2 km straight to the railway station and sat in one place and chatted. It was a lot of fun to walk with friends that day. The road seemed to end very quickly. I was very happy then but later my legs hurt.

Independent Square PUST

We were supposed to have a cricket competition at our university. We made jerseys and the boys started practicing cricket. But the game didn't happen due to the Corona disaster.

One of the best things about my university life is getting to the university by bus. We were waiting for the bus at a certain place, at a certain time in the morning. Then there is a competition as to whom can get on the bus first and sit in the seat of choice. It is a different feeling to reach the university while sitting on the bus and laughing.

In this way, the days were spent with laughter, but the Corona pendemic seemed to turn everything upside down. Public life came to a halt, the means of livelihood came to a halt, offices, courts and educational institutions were closed.

I hope that those moments of hanging out with friends will come back to our lives. I hope that we will all sit together in the classroom and listen to the class lectures. When the country is saved from the Corona pendemic and the whole nation's public life returns to its normal pace, I hope to return to my campus.

Ananna Islam Jami
Ananna Islam Jami
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Pabna University of science and technology, Bangladesh.

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