It is not appropriate to give up individuality

A country has its own language, literature, culture and dress. No one has the same dress, language, literature or culture. If we talk about the costumes or cultural activities of a continent, then everyone can agree on some of the commonalities of all the countries in that continent.

But in most cases, because one country has its own identity, even though it is located on the same continent, one country will not be similar to another. Similarly, there are vast differences between one continent to another. Again, it is rare to find similarities between countries on two different continents.

In the present modern age, the touch of technology is prevailing everywhere. By using social media, people from one country to another are easily building friendly relationships. We have been reading such news in the newspaper relating to this issue frequently. First meet on Facebook, then love. Centering this love, a young woman from the far away United States has come to Bangladesh.

Since it is easy to make friendship with citizens of different countries through social media, the exchange of culture has now become a very simple matter. But it is a matter of fact that cultural exchange we enjoy via mobile, computer or other devices but the real taste cannot be enjoyed through devices. The exchange of culture in foreign policy is also a major criterion for the development of friendly relations between the two countries.


Culture is exchanged to inform the people of another country about the literacy and culture of one country. It is the process to gain international recognition and establish its position in the world court. A combination of thousands of cultures in this diverse world.

We can acquire vast knowledge about a nation through cultural exchange. But now the "global" issue is involved in everything and everywhere. In other words, a global impact is being noticed in language, education, food, clothing and culture. Everywhere there is indifferent global impact on every subject. Let's talk about our country.

We have been accustomed with all new modern technology. We have lost a lot of our indigenous equipment due to lack of individuality and lack of proper attention. With the advent of modern technology, we have lost focus on our own indigenous products. That’s why it is difficult for us to go to the museum now and realize the indigenous equipment that we have made.

Hundreds of different types of Bengali food, different types of cakes. But the position and demand of all this food is now replaced by Chinese and Western food. Apart from the cake (pitha) festival, usually it was not uncommon to see various types of cake (pitha) made in villages . The global impact is also noticeable here too.

In various festival, Patriotic songs, Bhatiali songs and other music that are mixed in the minds of Bengalis were played, but now the influence of foreign culture exists in this place too. It is needless to say about clothes.


Sometimes we hear that many of us considered our Indigenous clothing as old fashioned. From school, college and university, foreign clothes are now worn everywhere. In the name of modernity, we are all giving up individuality. We are not caring about our own education and culture.

The most interesting thing that I have discussed above is that these things are not only happening in our country. It is happening in the same rhythm in all the countries. If this continues, a country will lose its identity in literature and culture. There will be nothing to say about individuality. It will be difficult to differentiate between the people of the two countries because of the indifferent culture.

The question is, who is making these issues global? Are they trying to achieve their nefarious goals by gathering people from all over the world on a single platform? This question may emerge in the minds of many. Is it so easy to bring everyone in one platform? Yes, it is very simple and it is happening. By creating an ideology one can easily control someone from anywhere in the world.

Attempts are being made to make every issue global in the name of progress and modernity. As a result, a country is losing its literacy, educational and cultural identity. We must prioritize dynamism. That means we are always aware to prepare ourselves for adapting with modern time. But not by sacrificing individuality.

We will put our own literature and culture above all. We will keep our thoughts intact without losing our individuality due to the influence of globalization. We will keep our own culture at the forefront to elevate our position in the world court.

Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Student, Department of Political Science
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

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