My campus will alive again

Jagannath University
Love can never be measured by time. So, in the campus, our spent time is less, but there is no shortage of love for campus. We started our journey with Jagannath University with a feeling of receipt and absence after the admission war through orientation class on January first, 2020.

On the first day, I received a lot of important information from our teachers and their loving advice, which will be useful for the rest of my life. After that we got acquainted with our seniors. They also adopted us. A new chapter of life began. All have come to cross the boundaries of school and college in hope of achieving higher education. Among them many have left their parents.

Our campus is not that big as it is located in a crowded place like old Dhaka. But every place on campus is covered with our footsteps. We sincerely believe that these small limitations do not matter in order to maintain good relations among us. Everyone here is related to everyone’s soul.  As soon as we get time, we go to the historic Ahsan Manzil, spending some indescribable time; Let's look at the busy life of the people here.

I still remember the day I first went to Ahsan Manzil with all the members of our department. There was a different kind of vitality in everyone. Everyone's laughter filled the place with joy. A few days later, everyone visited the book fair together.

Although I have visited the book fair many times before but wearing traditional Bengali sari & Punjabi creates a different feeling of going out with new friends. Although there were many more plans after that, they were not implemented due to this unfortunate situation. The pandemic  Corona paralyzed the world. Classes, exams, university campuses are closed to ensure good health for all. 

Today I am missing the monotonous busy days. I miss the friends. I miss the red bus. I miss the feeling that arises when rows and rows of red buses go together. I don't know when the situation will be right and I will get back to those days. After overcoming this situation, public life will return to normal. I hope every campus will alive again. My campus will alive again.

Najia Afrin
Najia Afrin
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Jagannath University, Bangladesh.

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