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Poetry for humanity, Comilla University
The struggle to save people is the best poetry. Poems are not lost. Such an initiative of the students made me emotional
Bhanga Gorar Shobdo, a book of poetry by the students of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism (MCJ) of Comilla University, has been published. Tarunya Prokashoni has published this book in e-book format with ten authors poem recently. It has a great dignity which differs this book from other books of poetry. There is a great humanitarian purpose behind the publication of the book.

The book is dedicated to Tanin Mehedi, a cancer survivor student of the department. Besides, the entire proceeds from the price of the book will be spent to support his costly treatment. The nominal price of the book ascertained of TK 50. However, considering Tanin, if anyone wants to pay more than this price, it will be acceptable.

The book is co-authored by the students named Jannatun Nisha, Nuhash Rahman, Fatema Rahim Rins, Rafiq Uddin, Sanjida Akhter Aparna, Imtiaz Hasan Rifat, Wafa Akter Remu, Chowdhury Masabih, Humaira Kabir and Anjuman Shimu from different batches.

Sohag Moni, a student of the department has co-ordinated and edited the book. He said, "Our goal is to stand by Tanin, who is suffering from cancer. We will hand over the revenue of the book to Tanin. If we can raise even 1 taka and give it to Tanin, that will be our achievement and satisfaction. I think it will be an achievement of the whole department also."

Welcoming the students' initiative, Kazi Anis, a teacher in the department said, "The struggle to save people is the best poetry. Poems are not lost. Such an initiative of the students made me emotional"

It is worth mentioning that Tanin Mehedi was diagnosed with incurable cancer Synovial Sarcoma from a foot tumour after coming to the university in 2018. Due to his family's poor condition, his friends and classmates collected around TK 20 lakh and treated him at the Tata Hospital in Mumbai, India. However, he was recently re-examined due to illness. Tests showed that he had new cancer in his lungs. He should be given six to seven chemotherapy treatments as advised by the doctors. It will cost about three lakh Tk.

Anyone can contact on this following numbers to buy this book for supporting cancer survivor student Tanin:
+8801721792584 (Sohag)
+8801980147146 (Rifat)

Safayet Sifat
Student, Department of Law
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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