Saint Martin Island: a land of beauty

Birds in the way to Saint Martin
Curiosity to know the unknown, to see the unseen is the natural religion of man. Traditional and monotonous life is not the choice of man. And because he wants to get this taste, people start traveling the country.  And if that trip becomes Saint Martin, then there is no question. When you hear the word Saint Martin, you feel a great feeling in your mind.

On the way from Teknaf to St. Martin by ship, the beauty of the white birds roaming around the ship at the mouth of the Naf River seems to tell the beauty of St. Martin in advance.  St. Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh.  Here the blue sky and the blue sea mixed together, the boats tied to the shore, the rows of aesthetic coconut trees and the gentle touch of the gentle breeze in the rhythm of the waves multiply the beauty of St. Martin.

St. Martin is a unique holiday destination for people thirsty for knowledge and travel, combining sand, rocks, corals and biodiversity.  Jellyfish in clear waters have turned St. Martin and the surrounding area into a living school of all kinds of marine fish, turtles, crabs and coral world mysteries.

Saint Martin island

St. Martin is surrounded by rock, which sinks at high tide and rises at low tide.  In the afternoon, you can cycle to Chhera Island from the beach, and return before the tide recedes.  You can also take a small boat from St. Martin to Chhera Island.  Then the ups and downs of the boat with the waves of the sea multiplied the joy of the mind.  Also the beauty of the sea can be observed from very close. You have to leave the Chhera island before the tide comes.  Because the island is torn in tidal waters.

Numerous corals and cayenne trees enhance the beauty of this island.  There is also a panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset from St. Martin.  Jumping on the clear blue waves of the sea and taking a bath is like a different kind of pleasure playing football with friends on the beach which cannot be expressed in words.

Also one of the attractions of St. Martin is the well-known "Samudra Bilash" by the famous writer Humayun Ahmed.  In St. Martin you have the unique opportunity to eat as many sea fish barbecues as you wish.

It is also a unique experience at night, leaning your body on a beach chair, exploring the magical moon or the night sky inlaid with millions of stars, as well as enjoying the roar of the ocean waves and contemplating the mysteries of creation.  It's not descriptive in any way.  However, such an experience is not possible without St. Martin.

Shohanul Islam Sarker
Shohanul Islam Sarker
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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