Skilled manpower: A key to sustainable development

Skilled manpower
Bangladesh is a densely populated country. It has about 160 million people with very limited quantity of land. With this vast population Bangladesh is facing challenges to gain desired level of development in every sector. Now, a question may arise in everyone’s mind that why this is so happening? Of course there is a reason behind this question. The reason is lack of skilled manpower. We only produce a huge number of human being but not human resource.

The 21st century is an age of competition and globalization where without skill it is impossible to lead life and to keep pace with the modern era. This is an information technology based era where the whole world is connected with every single person via internet. We can do anything as per the requirement of ourselves via on click in a smart device.

Scientists has been working on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics with a wide range of application connected to the daily life to make our life easier. So there is chances of being replaced the work of human with robots. In many countries of the world, artificial intelligence is now using instead of labor force. That means it is a period of competition between human and machine. To cope with this situation we must need to be more practical and skill full. But in the case of Bangladesh, the number of skilled workforce is very low which is not sufficient to accelerate the national development.

Every year we are producing around 50 lakhs graduates from different institutions in different field. Have we ever think about the quality of graduates? Are they skilled enough to enter into the job market? I think most of the answer will be ‘NO’. We are producing graduates in terms of certificate but not as a skilled human resources.

The graduates have only theoretical education but they have no practical and life-oriented education. They are continuously defying the necessity of learning various skills such as soft skill (emotional skill), English skills, IT skills, internet browsing skills, adaptability skills and different type of technical skills etc.

Skills for youth

Acquiring proper skills will open the new window of opportunity. If the university graduates start learning lifelong skills from the very early stage of graduation along with academic study, it will be very effective in future life. In this way, before entering the job market a graduate can be skilled human resource.

If we look at the successful nation, the mystery of their success is the skilled manpower. They have enough skilled human resources. It is said that the most valuable asset for any country is its people. Transformation of a simple human being into human resource or skilled manpower is the key to sustainable development.

Skilled manpower can bring about a revolutionary change into the economy of any country by doing various works and thus they can accelerate the national development as well. For example, remittance send by the expatriate is one of the key driver of our economy but still most expatriate are deprived of proper skills.

If they had proper skills as per their workplace requirement the remittance would cross the target as we expect. Because, everybody in this earth is looking for efficient and skilled manpower to get highest productivity from them as they know the fact that only skilled manpower can give the best result as their expectation.

It is high time to rearrange the education system of our country from where we will get quality graduates as well as skilled human resource.
As the graduates of our country is not skilled enough, at least 50 percent of them don’t get any type of job in every year. As a result they remain unemployed for a long time. This will create burden for the family as well as for the whole nation.

Unemployment Depression

On the other hand, after failing to enter into the job market most of the candidates become frustrated and get addicted to drug or other harmful habits that will ruins their bright future. This thing is happening around us every day but we didn’t get the news. To alleviate this fatal problem we need to rethink about our education system and the recruitment process. Then we will be able to produce quality graduates to compete with this competitive world.

Though our education systems are not standard enough to make a quality graduate but we have so many talent students over the whole country. It is our responsibility to make them skilled human resource from the early age by giving them proper facilities to explore their knowledge and skills. We need to ensure leak proof supply chain to promote skilled manpower production system. If we do so, our huge number human will be transformed into skilled human resource.

When most of the people of our country will be skilled, the whole process of the country will be smooth and the development will turn sharply to high. Thus we will achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs). So let’s make our people ‘skilled manpower’ instead of burden for the country. We need skilled youth for the resilient world.

Md Billal Hossen
Md Billal Hossen
MS Student, Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
Islamic University, Bangladesh.

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