Potentiality of youth during corona period

Youth in corona virus pendemic
COVID-19 is now introduced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, a zoonotic disease for those who doesn’t have immunity, is spreading around the world beyond expectations. It is spreading one area to another and the people of cities living under lockdown to protect from this emerging virus. The world is under undeclared  prisoned at this moment.

In this circumstances, a question arises, Who will help them? Most of the people says, 'youth' is the answer. They have curage, ability of taking challenges, skills and also hard working mentality. The UN has declared this year's theme to be "Skills for a Resilient Youth".

To fight against the deadly disease, the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth are the most important. Youth in the  society, should flourish awareness around his/her community . They can conscious their family, friends and relatives about the devastating effects of corona virus. At this alarming situation only awareness is the best cure all over the world. One third of our population is youth, they stricture all around the country. 

From a report of Bangladeshi satellite channel,   we have come to know that, the affected  people are deprived from their social security and facing inferiority. Under this circumstances,  youth can extend their helping hand to convince that they are not different from us, they need mental strength to overcome.

Volunteering is the religion of youth; donating, help out the vulnerable people is the duty of youth. To overcome the COVID-19, social work is one of the major factor in the developing countries. If the youth come forward to doing social work, we can abate the suffering of vulnerable people.

Rise Youth Voice

Youth can use their strength and creative ideas to extend the practice  of social distance. They can convince the illiterate people how to wash hand properly which is very much needed at this position. In the developing country, economic growth also depends upon youth.

Youth have the ability to communicate and rise fund to convince the upper class people for funding. The fund will be used for those who are deprived from social rights, for the street children, handicap people who can not earn their livelihood. They should use the fund to provide food those who are workless due to COVID 19.

To abate food crisis after the pandemic, the youth should go to village and cultivate land. They can engage themselves in agricultural work. They can help the farmer and farming sector. Due to lockdown there will be a massive crisis of labour. Production will be hamper by lack of helping hand.

If the young people go to their own village and start cultivating and helping the farmers and accelerate the food production, no one will remain starve in this crisis moment.    
We need young people’s leadership now more than ever.  Unity is the way to defeat COVID-19.  

Tasfique Abdullah Chowdhury
Tasfique Abdullah Chowdhury
Student, Department of English
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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