Corona Vaccine: Hope and Frustration

Corona Vaccine Hope and Frustration
The number of people affected by corona epidemic is increasing. The misery and helplessness of the people is increasing. The child has left the father in the hospital, the child has been left on the street, Mr. Rahim and Mr. Karim are roaming the streets in search of food. Thousands of such news headlines every day.

When we hear positive news in the midst of thousands of such negative news, it inspires us.  Vaccine discovery is one of the milestones of medical science. With this discovery, medical science has taken a step forward and the world has been saved from many epidemics.

Science is also showing its progress in the current epidemics. So far, 189 vaccines have been discovered worldwide.  Of these, 4 vaccines are in the race for success.  The results of the latest and second phase trials of these 4 vaccines have been published in various journals.  The results really make us hopeful.  Moreover, more than 140 vaccine trials have not yet begun on humans.

Many more countries, including the United States, China, Russia, England, and Germany are investing billions of dollars in vaccine inventions.  This vaccine may be the first to establish a geopolitical reign.  However, the United Nations has reassured third world countries about the importance of vaccines.  A fund has already been formed.  But it goes without saying that world leaders will use the vaccine as a political tool.

It has been reported that Russia has been attempting to hack vaccine data at Oxford University in order to maintain its political sphere.  It cannot be said that no other country will try in this way.

News has come out that vaccine research is also going on in our country.  That deserves praise, but if public attention is given priority without research, it will be a hindrance to basic research as well as a detriment to research.  We don't want important issues like vaccine discovery to become a political tool.

Abdullah Al Noman
Abdullah Al Noman
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Daffodil International University, Bangladesh.

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