Disoriented people are leaving Dhaka after losing their income

Disoriented people are leaving Dhaka
The number of corona cases increasing all over the world. Around two crore people all over the world are affected by this terrible epidemic named Corona. Corona infections are on the rise in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan. However according to Government estimates, in Bangladesh the total number of positive cases in the country stands at 2,85,091 & the current infection rate is 18.72 percent.The total number of deaths has now reached 3781 and the death rate stands at 1.33 percent (August 20, 2020) in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, half of them are residents of Dhaka. Many people have lost their jobs or businesses due to this corona and have left Dhaka and gone to the villages. Now they have no other way to make a living  in Dhaka. The situation of Dhaka slum dwellers is worse. Many have moved to villages with their families due to dismissal from their jobs. Some of them are selling their furniture and utensils and paying rent.

Students, rickshaw-pullers, day-labourers, hawkers, employees of hotels, restaurants and shops, markets, construction workers, small traders & other low-income people involved with informal sector jobs are among those who have lost their ability to pay their house rent.

Many landlords, mostly who are fully dependent on the income from their houses are also in trouble as many of their tenants are being either failed to pay rent or vacating their houses since the virus has put both the landlords and tenants at odds.

According to Tenants' Council (Bharatiya Parishad), 50,000 tenants in Dhaka have so far been forced to leave their homes and move to rural areas and many more people are leaving their previous  homes and trying to move to any lower rented homes.Those who used to rent a house for Tk 15000 to Tk 18000, they are now looking for a house for Tk 8000 or 9000. Single jobholders have left the family apartments and shifted to shared flats. Meanwhile, 74 percent of families witnessed a fall in their income while 14 lakh expatriate workers are returning home after losing their livelihoods.

To-Let Dhaka City

People are most uncertain about their life and livelihood and people are already terrified of losing their jobs so now-a-days people are now extremely worried.

Rafiq Ahmed used to work for a private firm which closed its operation followed by the virus fallout. He said,
It is painful to leave the city. However I am leaving as there are no alternatives. I know there will be no living in my village too. I will not have to starve if I stay with my family there. There will be at least three meals a day

Khalequr Rahman,a resident of Mohammadpur Basila Area said that, he used to run his family by supplying ready-made clothes in shops, his income has stopped  during this situation, he has sent his family to the village.

According to BRAC's survey, 82 percent of the people in the capital, live in rented houses and 68 percent do not think of buying a house in Dhaka .The virus robbed at least 22 lakh factory jobs from mid-March to April. The pandemic has put 10.22 crore people at financial and economic risk.

Around the world, the economic wheel has been concatenated for this corona virus. It has been started to have a negative impact in Bangladesh.

Economists urged the government to focus on this issue to prevent the ongoing crisis from spiralling further.

Both the landlord and the tenant have to share the loss on a mutual basis. Now the Mayors of the two city-corporations and and the concerned persons can decide how much it would be reasonable to reduce the rent  for the landlord.

The project 'Amar Gram Amar Shohor' should be moved forwards. With the expansion of digital facilities, including wifi internet, in the rural areas, new entrepreneurship and employment opportunities will can now emarged there, according to some government higher-ups.

Efforts are being made to maintain a normal life by maintaining social distance and following the rules of hygiene. Taking necessary steps to get rid of the virus and fully resume the economic activities is the solution to the problem. I hope those concerned people will be more considerate to get out of this problem.

Jennat Rehana
Jennat Rehana
Student, Department of Law
Jagannath University, Bangladesh.

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