Obstacles in primary education

Obstacles in primary education
Education is the backbone of a nation.  No nation can prosper without education.  Individuals and nations enlightened in the light of education are always at the forefront of progress and advancement.  Education is the first thing that is needed to present oneself at the social, political, economic and international levels.

The foundation of that education is laid with primary education.  A nation is built depends on primary education. Primary school is the place to build the basic foundation for education.  How much a child will be principled, idealistic, virtuous in the future or how responsible he will be towards the country, nation, society depends largely on his early life education i.e. primary school.  So the importance of primary education is immense.

Looking at the developed countries, it is seen that they provide free education to their children from primary level.  In other words, those who have more skills in the sector, they start studying from the primary level.  They don't even have a chance to think about anything else.  But in our country it is the opposite.  From the earliest stage, children are preoccupied with memorizing to get good results or pass exams.  Which is one of the major obstacles to primary education in our country.

Due to which, the quality of education is not increasing even though the number of primary education graduates, junior graduates, secondary and higher secondary examination graduates are increasing every year and the number of A plus recipients is increasing.

Irregularities and corruption in the recruitment of primary teachers is one of the major obstacles to primary education.  It is not possible to improve the quality of primary education without suitable skilled teachers. This requires trained teachers and ensuring good governance in the education sector.

primary education

The unstable political environment severely hampers the development of the quality of primary education.  Strikes, blockades, vandalism pushed schools and students into uncertainty.  Also one of the obstacles in the implementation of quality primary education is the frequent change of textbooks and curricula and textbooks.

In order to implement quality primary education, there must be a specific plan.  New plans are also major problem before implementing one plan.  In addition, some kindergartens in Bangladesh are pushing the lives of students in extreme uncertainty by competing for the prestige of their own institutions.

Many kindergartens try to increase the prestige of their own institutions by unethically cooperating with their students in examination centers. Such trade with educational institutions is one of the obstacles.  In addition, due to the management of the primary education system with incompetent teachers, the students are becoming hesitant in those matters, which is one of the obstacles to the progress of primary education.

Teachers cannot be employed by disrupting teaching outside the educational activities.  This will deprive the students of quality education. But we believe the obstacles that the primary education system has in building a prosperous nation must be removed one day.  And we, as a nation with mutual respect, sense of responsibility and service, will work shoulder to shoulder together to build the golden Bengal of our dreams - this is the expectation of all concerned.

Sohanul Islam Sarkar
Sohanul Islam Sarkar
Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh

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