Why the rate of juvenile delinquency is increasing?

juvenile delinquency
Recently, “I have witnessed a horrific scene of juvenile delinquency. I was walking through the road at 8PM. In the middle of the way I saw a group of teenagers discussing about how they theft some valuable things from a house. After that, they were discussed about how they harassed a girl and threatened her”. This type of crime is known as juvenile delinquency or teenage crime. This is one example of juvenile crime in our country. There are hundreds and thousands youth is getting involved into such crime every day.

The word ‘juvenile’ has come from Latin word “juvenilis” which means ‘young’. The definition of juvenile delinquent varies from country to country. As for example, in USA a juvenile delinquent is a person who is typically below the age of 18. According to John Eric "Juvenile delinquent is a person between 8 and 16 years of age, who violates a law; and ordinarily the law does not hold a child 8 years of age legally responsible for anti-social behavior.

Simply ‘Juvenile delinquency’ is the act of participating in an unlawful behavior by young generation. For Bangladesh, all offenders under the age of 18 will be treated as a juvenile delinquent.

Juvenile delinquency is a major concern for the whole world and Bangladesh as well. The rate of teenage crime is increasing geometrically with the growing trends of urbanization and globalization. There is a proverb goes that “Today's children are the future of tomorrow”. Children’s are the foundation to build a sustainable nation. They are the resources for any country. To remove darkness from the society our children will act like a torch bearer. But it is a matter of great regret that, juvenile delinquency is increasing alarmingly and engulfing our youth’s future.

Famous Indian anthropologist Ashis Nandy states "Youth crime is an inevitable part of urban growth. The  giant  uprooting  in  the  name  of  development  has  led  to  a  breakdown  of  community  ties  and  as  a  consequence  results  in  spiraling  crime."  In this modern arena, teenagers are committing more crime than the past decades. They are involving in different types heinous crimes such killing, raping, snatching, mugging, eve-teasing, drug addiction etc. Such crimes are more prevalent in towns’ more than the rural area.

Nowadays, the surges of young ‘Gangster’ especially in cities is observed. As a means of accomplishing all the heinous crimes they are using social site to connect with each other and to commit crime. Due to the high accessibility of smart devices and internet teens are getting involved in juvenile delinquency from the very early age. There are many reasons to involve in juvenile delinquency. Some the important cause of juvenile delinquency is :

Availability of social site cause juvenile delinquency

Availability of social site

Different social site such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Skype and some apps such Tiktok, likee etc are easily accessible. Anyone can use this site without paying any fees. That’s why teenagers are using all sorts of social site to commit crime. They also get videos, literature, movies and yellow content which make them more aggressive and violent. Thus they are committing crime without fearing anyone with influence of social media. I think this is the main problem of today’s youth.

Poor attachment to the family

Family is the core center for learning values, norms, ethics, social and personal etiquettes. One who is not attached to his/her family he/she will deprived of social and personal manners and etiquettes. Ultimately, this type of individual will be involved in juvenile delinquency. Especially children’s who is from broken families, single parent families, separated families, frequent parents fight, lack of trust and confidence among the parents are more prone to juvenile delinquency.


Poverty put a huge pressure on the teenagers. As a result they want to remove this pressure very quickly and shortly. They choose the negative path to overcome poverty instead of good path. Thus the juvenile become involved in crime.

Psychological problem

Psychological problem of the teenagers like frustration, depression, aggression or hyperactivity sometime leads to juvenile delinquency.

Easy access to drug cause juvenile delinquency

Easy access to drug

The higher the access to drug, the more the possibility to become offenders. As the youth become addicted to drug, they need money to buy drug then they will commit crime to collect money.

Peer groups

According to Edwin H Sutherland “a child learns self-behaviour pattern from his close associates. If a child has a close association with persons having antisocial or delinquents' attitude, he is surely to acquire antisocial or delinquent tendencies”. It means peer groups have great influence on the children’s behavior. Many of our parents are not concerned about their children whom the children associated with, who are their friends and where they are going. As a result children is getting more opportunities to tie with antisocial or delinquent children and committing crime.

All the aforesaid point is badly fueling the juvenile delinquency. The increase in juvenile delinquency is very alarming for our country. If this cycles continue to forward, our future generation will be destroyed. Juvenile delinquency is hindering the sustainable development of our country.

To ensure sustainable development, it is high time to take action against juvenile delinquency and to building awareness among the teenagers and their parents about the devastating effect of juvenile delinquency. Let’s work together for a better society and Bangladesh as well by removing juvenile delinquency.

Md Billal Hossen

Md Billal Hossen
Student, Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
Islamic University, Bangladesh.

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