Stop spreading rumors

Stop spreading rumors

My ultimate appeal to everyone is to check the credentials of any news before publishing it. People spread hundreds of issues through social media. Kindly check the objective of the post then share it to others.

Without authorizing and justifying  accuracy when statement or opinion disseminated to others then it's called rumor. When this baseless statement is accepted by the people, then the rumors become repression instead of rumors. Such rumors are happening very formally in our country.

With the help of social media, news is spreading all over the world very fastly. Now almost everyone does not have the mentality to verify whether the news is true or false before sharing it. Thousands of unregistered news web sites share news unconsciously. Even those who write news on these websites often do not verify the veracity of the news.

Usually, news is published whenever a person gets any vague information. We have noticed that many people share a lot of news on Facebook which has no legal basis. Even the website from which the news is published has no identity. But we are sharing the news with others without knowing the truth. This matter is not ordinary at all. What could be more horrible than the fact that a news came to me and I read it to others without knowing its truth. And many are dying for this false news and information.

We know that the rumors were spread across the country in the last few months ago that the construction of the Padma Bridge required a full human head. Many NGO workers lost their lives. NGO workers work in remote villages for the sake of their jobs. Seeing the bags in their hands, the local people of the village shouted that they were kidnappers. we have read such news in the national newspapers a lot.

Fake news on electric media

Another accident took place in Rajshahi. By using these kidnapping rumors. There was a conflict between the two people. One man decided to leave the other beheaded and wanted to tell the people that this work is must by kidnappers. Although the conspiracy was eventually exposed. So, it is seen that many people want to use the rumors as mischief.

The most discussed and heartbreaking incident that took place in Dhaka. That was the beating to death of Taslima Begum Renu on suspicion of kidnapping. The woman was beaten to death only because of rumors circulating across the country. Her child is still waiting to return to her mother's home.

Politics, economics, socio-politics and religion are not the only areas where rumors are spread. At present during coronavirus, fabricated and false rumors are being spread from various Facebook pages in the form of a series about HSC examinations and opening of educational institutions. Which has caused a great deal of panic among the HSC candidates. Because, the candidates are anxious to know when the examination will be held. When they get the most desirable news, they no longer have the mentality to check the references.

It has been noticed that an insidious group has been spreading false information using the name of the Ministry from another page with the exact same name. Many people including the candidates are getting confused by this. An insidious group being able to spread false and baseless news very quickly through social media. Also many of the deformed brains harass people for the purpose of temporarily enjoying demonic pleasures. Which is the cause of the ruin of people.

Lastly, my ultimate appeal to everyone is to check the credentials of any news before publishing it. People spread hundreds of issues through social media. Kindly check the objective of the post then share it to others. Before preaching any religious subject, you should attest to the religious leaders. Before promoting any other subject, check with a person who is experienced in the subject. So that no one has to lose their life because of rumors and no one has to suffer a lot. Let this uncultured called rumor be eradicated from the soil of Bengal.

Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Student, Department of Political Science
Rajshahi University, Bangladesh.

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