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New challenge of getting admission in XI class has appeared to the ssc passed candidates. This time the average percentage of students who have passed SSC or equivalent examination is 72.6%, the number is 16 lakh 90 thousand 523 people. This time 1 lakh 35 thousand 798 students got GPA-5 all over the country. In 2019, the total number of GPA-5 were 1 lakh 5 thousand 594 people. Comparing between 2019 and 2020, the number of GPA-5 has increased to 30,304 in 2020.

Every student dreams of getting admission in a good college centered in the capital. The first online admission process in class XI started from 2015. Following this, the online admission process has started this time also. Although it was supposed to start so early, the admission process was stopped due to coronavirus. According to the new notification, the online admission process for class XI has been starting from August 9, for 2020-2021 academic year. Admission process will continue till September 15.

Before 2015, good colleges used to admit students through the admission test. At that time, if a student participated in the admission test and passed the examination with proof of merit and qualification, he would be recommended for admission. But since the launch of online admissions in 2015, SSC GPA has become the biggest issue in college admissions.

We have been seeing in the reputed colleges of the capital since the beginning of the online program that there is not only the demand for the highest GPA but also the highest number. This is because more GPA 5 students than the number of seats apply there. Many colleges set their minimum GPA at 4.50 but all students apply to their college getting GPA - 5. That’s why, the issue of their prescribed GPA did not come up then. In other words, many students who get GPA-5 are dropped out from those colleges.

Students who do not know the overall condition of the college and apply only by looking at the minimum prescribed GPA are likely to be excluded. Later he was disappointed not to get admission in the desired college. Those who know well about the college, students can go to them or can get proper information through online, therefore students can check and select good colleges from there and make a decision about the college selection.

Another important point is that most of the students are thinking of centering capital Dhaka. They do not want to think outside the capital. But there are many good educational institutions in the country outside the capital. There are many divisional and district level colleges outside the capital. Students from all those colleges are constantly doing well.

Students will face more difficulties in this admission to get good colleges than in the past. As mentioned earlier, the number of GPA-5 has increased to 30,304 this time as compared to last time. In 2019, the students faced many difficulties in college selection. Many could not get admission in a good college because GPA-5 were more than the number of seats .This time the problem will be more obvious. So, keep your eyes and ears open and make decisions based on the advice of those who know better.

Online college admission 2020

There are two colleges of the same name in many places with a difference of one or two words. For the first-time many students mess up to select college properly because of having poor knowledge. Many choose the wrong name college because they do not have a clear idea. To avoid these problems, you have to look at the name and code of the college very well during the college selection.

This time, as the results are good all over the country, it may be difficult to find the only desired college for admission. So it is necessary to select a few colleges and keep good colleges in the first position on priority basis. Since there is an opportunity to select 10 colleges, it would be wise to complete the registration after filling up 10 colleges. If anyone wants to be admitted in another quota including freedom fighter (Muktijoddha) quota, he must know all the issues related to quota.

There are many poor students. They need to consider good colleges as well as they have to be sure that either he is able to afford wherever they are going to admit or not including college expenses. Some colleges do not admit their students through an online system. They admit their students through the admission test as per the previous rules. With information from the internet including national newspapers, one can be informed of the syllabus and other things relating to the admission test of the college.

The online admission process has been done for the convenience of the students. It has both advantages and disadvantages. After selecting the college in the past, many of the boys have been mistakenly shifted to the girls college. It was not the fault of the student. This was due to a system error.

This time, we hope that no mistakes of the past will be repeated. Students will choose the college with the utmost care, knowing and understanding each college well before making a college selection. I would like to congratulate all those who have done well in the SSC examination and wish them well so that they can be admitted to their desired college and can run their educational activities sincerely.

Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Student, Department of Political Science
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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