Thousands of Shaheds behind one Shahed

Thousands of Shaheds behind one Shahed
Due to the media, almost every person in the country has come to know about the fraudster named Shahed.  The story of any movie that accepts the rate of his deception, the hearts of the people tremble with fear when they hear about his inhumanity.  But there is no reason to think that Shahed is the only one in this country. 

Thousands of Shaheds are hiding in this country of about 160 million people.  Although some of them were caught, most of them remained out of reach.  Again many were caught but survived by exerting influence.  Although they are human in shape, they are inferior to animals

A few days after the outbreak of the corona virus in Bangladesh, the government decided to distribute relief to the unemployed.  But there have been many bitter experiences in the past in distributing relief through public representatives.  Therefore, on April 11, Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister Md. Tajul Islam warned that if there is any irregularity in the distribution of relief in the Corona situation, it will be dismissed.  The same announcement was made by many high-ranking people in the government, even from the Prime Minister.  But what was the result?

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, a total of 87 people's representatives have been sacked till June 4, 2020 for irregularities in the distribution of relief.  Sometimes we also get the news of rescuing 1589 sacks of rice in one day. Some miscreants people's representatives have physically assaulted people for not taking pictures during the distribution of relief rice.  There was also an incident of digging the floor of the house of a public representative and rescuing relief rice !

Many have been arrested in these incidents.  Among them are members of Union Parishad, from Upazila Vice Chairman to members of Zila Parishad.  In many places, there are rumors that such incidents have taken place in the shelters of the MPs themselves.

This threat from the government or the fear of dismissal could not keep them away from irregularities.  That is proved by the attack on Mahbubul Alam, an Upazila Social Service Officer of Lalmonirhat, by the Chairman. The incident took place in Dauwabari Union of Lalmonirhat due to irregularities in the distribution of relief to the flood victims on the banks of the river Teesta.

Floods and river erosion have now been added to the Corona disaster.  Excessive rise in river water has led to severe erosion.  Every day a large area is being submerged in the river.  Countless people are losing their homes.  Many people are trapped in the flood waters.  Everything they earn is off.

The floods have so far inundated 33 districts and 40 people died.  The government will do its best to help the victims.  But will the people's representatives be helpful in this case?  Or will a new Shahed's mask be unveiled again?

It is a pity when the people's representative, the elected representative of the people, plays the role of the eater.  People can't handle greed even if they see the pain of not being able to eat twice a day.  They are such reckless!  This inhuman called public representative is one of the Shaheds.  And there are thousands of such Shaheds hidden behind the curtain.  Whose identities were not revealed in public.

On the other hand, we have also heard of many heartfelt people's representatives.  Those who are constantly working for the people.  There was heartfelt respect for them.  However, the images of Shahid as a fraudulent public representative are never forgiven.  They are the enemies of the country, the enemies of humanity.

The government was requested to take all necessary steps to ensure transparent participation of the people's representatives in all the activities undertaken for the benefit of the common people.  Otherwise we will have to listen to the stories of many more Shaheds like this.

Md Jahid Hassan
Md Jahid Hassan
Student, Department of Pharmacy
Comilla University, Bangladesh.

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