The upcoming US elections: Who will win the crown?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden in US election 2020
There is a lot of speculation about the upcoming US election. The world is looking forward to this 2020 election. Much of the next world order depends on the outcome of the election. The two political parties in the United States are the Democrats and the Republican Party.

Democrats who believe in modern liberalism, are committed to ensuring affordable education, environmental protection, and universal health care. The party is moving forward with a focus on its core principles. Meanwhile, the radical Republican Party has lost its place of confidence in the American majority.

President Trump's controversial activities at home and abroad have created a negative attitude in the public mind. As the days go by, the time for US elections is getting closer. Various polls on the US presidential election has repeatedly shown negative results for President Trump. In a July poll, President Trump fired his campaign manager, angered by 15 points less than his rival Joe Biden. Earlier, many polls showed that Biden had more public support than Trump.

There are many reasons for Trump to get out of the minds of the American people. Like many heads of state as there were in the past, they maintained a balanced foreign policy considering their own country. Even if the president changed then, the next president would promise to fulfill any decision or agreement made by the previous one. But President Trump has broken with the foreign policy of the past and done everything on his own. Almost all of his decisions are vague which is embarrassing.

Donald Trump in USA election

Almost all American presidents have tried to strike a balance between Palestine and Israel in the hope of establishing peace in the Middle East. But it has unilaterally sided with Israel without following all the rules of the past or formulating a balanced new policy. As a result, Jerusalem has been declared the capital of Israel. Trump did not pay attention to the massive movement and strong reaction at home and abroad over this incident.

After Trump won the election, he banned citizens of seven Muslim countries entering the United States, including canceling Obama care. President Trump's arbitrary and capricious decisions have also had a negative impact on the US administration. After coming to power, President Trump made one controversial decision after another.

President Trump has recently made an unbalanced statement centering on the coronavirus. He called it a Chinese virus. We know that coronavirus spread widely in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people are infected and died. Experts claim that the outbreak in the United States was due to President Trump's disregard for the virus from the outset. Trump was busy blaming China without thinking about how to prevent the virus and ensure quick care for infected patients.

The United States has suffered greatly from the coronavirus. Countless people have lost their jobs. Many have also claimed that the person suffering from the corona is not being given proper treatment in the hospital. Again, the citizens of the United States were outraged over the assassination of George Floyd. The mass people staged anti-apartheid demonstrations and rallies across the country. Anti-apartheid demonstrations centered around George Floyd.

Joe Biden in US election

President Trump has faced more controversy by criticizing the actions of protesters in his own country without trying to explain them strategically. Above all, President Trump has gone beyond the support of the majority of US citizens for every controversial action, including foreign policy, failure to deal with the coronavirus, unilateral policy in the Middle East, and failure to take a clear stand against racism.

However, the Democrats have strategically taken control of the issues that Trump has disputed. Democrat candidate Joe Biden, for example, directly supported the people in anti-apartheid protests centered on George Floyd. Even clarified their position against racism. The latest general poll shows that Biden ahead of Trump. Considering public opinion and analyzing Trump's actions since winning the 2016 election, it is difficult to say whether he will win this election.

The most interesting thing is that, President Trump won the 2016 presidential election by proving the survey to be false. That's why his supporters believe Trump will win again. Lastly, who will win and who will lose in this election can be estimated in the general survey but no decision can be made. Only time will say who will be crowned of this year's election in the United States, one of the world's superpowers.

Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Md. Shofiqul Islam Niamot
Student, Department of Political science
Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

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