Have to find main players in health corruption

Have to find main players in health corruption
Bangladesh’s public health sector has frequently been accused by corruption especially during this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Abdul Malek is the last proof of this sector.

Driver Malek possessed over Tk 100 crore in wealth. How did he make it possible? According to reports, though he is a driver of DGHS, in the favour of senior officials, he became reckless. Abusing the power in the shadow of senior officers, transfer or promotion of doctor and 3rd-4th class employees and also recruitment business made him a crore-man.

Malek owns two multi-storied building in Dakkin Kamarpara, including 24 flats, an under-construction 10-storey building in Hatirpool area, a dairy firm and also a huge sum of money in different banks!

The driver gives different job opportunities to his family members and relatives. He has formed a drivers’ organisation and is the President of this organization. He has manipulated the organization in his own will and interest!

How a driver can do all these illegal things without the help of seniors. Of course, all things happened in front of their eyes. Accused Malek, who has now been taken into remand, disclosed the names of someone who are involved in corruption. Now, people will know who the bad officials are!

A corrupted Malek didn’t come in a single day. He had been helped to do this by some unseen players. Actions must be brought against those players as well. Otherwise, another Abdul Malek will take the place by the help of main criminals, who are staying out of the scene.

Parvez Ahmed Emon
Student,Bangla Department
Comilla University

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