How much more rape?

How much more rape?
There is no denying that the moral practice and social policy of our country are severely degrading. As a result, Rape is becoming a constant phenomenon in our country. Every day, a number of women are being raped under this lawless culture. These insane rapists do not remember the slightest fear, panic, or any kind of remorse after doing this.

We often write on various dailies, webs, and social sites standing against all kinds of crimes including rape. But actually, nothing can stop this crime. The only reason for rape is so common in our country is 'the lack of justice'.

These criminals trample the cases, arrests, and prisons under-foot from the shadow of power and move in the society with their shameless self-glory. Law cannot keep them down. But, If our justice system is so light and fragile, not only rape but also no crimes can't be removed.

The recent incident of Sylhet MC College attracts our attention and again we are very active in demanding the punishment of the criminals. But, sooth to say that we want justice in every case. It is high time to move on from this nasty culture. We have to remonstrate and protest against this damned attitude. Every rapist must be punished strictly. My earnest request is to our Prime Minister to give her kind concentration on such sensitive matter as she is also a woman.

Naeem Ariyan
Student,Department of English
University of Chittagong

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