Iran and Venezuela in response to US sanction

Donald Trump VS Hasan Ruhani and Nikolas Maduro
Animosity has been remaining between gulf country Iran and the United States for long since. No formal diplomatic relations has been noticed since 1980. Pakistan serves as Iran's protecting power in the United States, while Switzerland serves as the United States' protecting power in Iran. Remember, Five superpowers & Germany (P5+1) had reached in a deal about protecting the Iranian nuclear program during President Barack Obama in 2015. But after coming to power as president of the United States, Donald Trump has escalated disputes between Iran and the USA.

The Trump administration withdrew itself from the P5+1 deal in May 2018 as well as imposed strict sanctions against Iran. As a result, Iran had been suffering from economic losses. On the other hand, Donald Trump also imposed sanctions against the South American socialist country Venezuela. Venezuelan socialist president Nicolas Maduro was re-elected in 2018. Since then, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on oil exports and renewed several times.

Two years ago, Venezuela was in crisis; several countries including the United States were desperate for dominance in that region. Trump wanted to dominate Venezuelan politics toppling the socialist government. That's why Trump supported Juan Guaido against Maduro in the Venezuelan last election. But his trump card was in vain to touch the pinnacle of success from the Russia-Turkey-Iran alliance. Trump had to piss off the Venezuelan politics. Then, Trump imposed their big political weapon 'sanctions' on Venezuela.

The Maduro administration is getting over the economic crisis and bringing back political stability in spite of ongoing unilateral sanctions by Washington. The United States has imposed general & smart sanctions on a lot of companies and individuals in hundreds of countries around the world. Iran and Venezuela are being powerful by enhancing mutual cooperation.

If someone breaks up a relationship for anger or huff towards someone—then he should resolve it within a short time as wise. Because, if the abeyance of the relationship takes a long time he knows to survive without each other. In the beginning, he may feel bored but that turns into normal gradually. The recent picture of the warm relationship between Iran and Venezuela without US help is the exact proof of this quote. Actually, Why is the sanction imposed?

In the answer of this question professor Moritz Pieper, a lecturer in international relations at the University of Salford, says "You can impose sanctions against another state because you want to see a change in behaviour of the other state," The idea is that "the population gets angry, and will demand from its own government to do something to rectify the situation." Countries can also introduce sanctions in retaliation to other countries' sanctions. Revengeful sanctions of the United States have been increasing animosity among these countries, but couldn’t bring any change in the government. Rather, Donald Trump made America an eyesore to people of these countries.

The relationship between Caracas and Tehran creates anxiety in the American alliance. At the beginning of this year president, Hassan Rouhani defined the tactics of creating pressure and conspiracy including illegal sanctions against Iran as an anti-human crime. He has chosen just prevention as basic protection. Recently, Iran shipped about 1.85 million barrels of refined oil to Venezuela by five tankers due to the shortage of refined oil for US sanctions.

Irani oil tanker on the way to Venezuela

America sent warships in the Caribbean sea to hamper the journey of Venezuela going oil tankers. But they were futile to do that. Nowadays, Iran exports commodities in Venezuela and opened an 'Iranian Super Market' at Caracas. Such types of good initiative of Iran take their diplomatic relation to warmth.

Recently, President Maduro has expressed desire to buy some ballistic missiles from Iran. This declaration makes the USA very anxious. Because Maduro announced at a time when the date of UN sanctions on Iran is going to expire. And the United States failed twice in the Security Council demanding to restore nuclear sanctions against Iran; That is unprecedented in history. The process of 'snapback' mechanisms of the United States also has failed to get support from other members.

At an emergency online meeting of the Security Council,13 of the 15 countries voted against the United States. As a result, Mike Pompeo's demand has completely dismissed last month. Experts think this defeat will influence negatively to Trump’s triumph in the upcoming US election. Iran maintains diplomatic relations not only with Venezuela but many powerful countries like China and Russia. Iran already has reached a 25 years 'strategic partnership' deal. The expected amount of their investment is 44 billion dollars.

Hence, Iran will be stronger economically and politically; Besides Chinese geopolitical dominance will increase  in the middle east. This equation says America will lose their monopolistic dominance in that region. The analysis shows the possibility that the United States will suffer more from its one-sided embargo than Iran. After being expired on the date of UN arms sanctions then, Iran will further strengthen arms and defense ties with Its allies. Then Iran will be a threat for the United States and Israel in the middle east.

Saiful Islam Hafeez
Saiful Islam Hafeez
Student, Department of Political Science
University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

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