Is corona fear only for educational institutions?

Is corona fear only for educational institutions
Corona virus. It is a name of wonder and terror to the people of whole world. It's aggression started last year in Wuhan city of China, but rapidly spread to other parts of the world including our homeland Bangladesh. Lockdown, curfew or state of emergency has been implemented in every country to prevent the spread of this pandemic virus. The whole world has come to a standstill. Like other countries in the world, offices, courts, mills and factories as well as all kinds of educational institutions have been shut down in Bangladesh since March 18. 

As a result whole country has come to situation of stagnation.Finally the government has been forced to move away from a lockdown-like decision to overcome the stagnant economic situation in the country and finally backed to normal life in a limited range of daily activities.

Though these institutions are opened on the condition of complying with the health rules, all types of educational institutions is still totally closed.  Millions of students in the country are suffering from severe mental problems due to staying home for a long period. Even if education activities are commenced on online or through television, the education system of the country is passing with great challenges. Especially the students of public universities are facing the most difficulties . Although there is a provision to take classes, assignments and presentations on online medium, all kinds of examination activities that carry marks are prohibited by UGC authorities.

In some universities, even after the completion of the courses of a batch of the  students, the concerned administration or teachers are expressing inability to take the next semester class on the pretext of the so-called system. As a result, these students and the people relying on their dreams are spending days in extreme frustration and anxiety for fear of long session jam as well as from the career.

Even though all the activities of the country are going on, keeping the universities closed still means intensifying the frustration and anxiety. So it is the demand of time to open the universities on an experimental basis to avoid the of long session jam.

Tanvir Ahmed Rasel
Tanvir Ahmed Rasel 
Student, Department of Pharmacy
President, Bangladesh Torun Columb Lekhok Forum
Comilla University unit.

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