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Lamia Rahman Himi
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Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college age youth and ages 15 to 20. Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. More teenagers and young adult die from suicide than from cancer, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, chronic disease combined.Close to 800,000 people die to suicide every year. One is influenced by the others.

Every suicide is a tragedy that affects families, communities and entire countries and has a long lasting effects on the people left behind. Not only in the european countries but also in our countries the rate of committing suicide is increasing day by day. If we remind the memories of few days back we can see that the student of Dhaka University and also another student from Shahjalal University committed suicide." Why they committed suicide?"

If we want to find out the reason behind this, the answer would be only one word and that is depression. Suicide, depression is complicated and caused by many factors. One important contributing factor is childhood and adolescent abuse in a 'toxic socialization'. Socialization is the process where we are trained by parents, teachers and other to be citizens of our societies.

Toxic socialization is when this process is charecterized by neglecting or ongoing physical and emotional abuse. Toxic socialization including corporal punishment, emotional abuse, childhood trauma, immature relationship that is associated with contributes to negative behaviours. Also our parents are very much strict. They are not friendly. That's why the children can't share their inner pain, problem and depression. For this, suicide is rapidly increasing.

For me, suicides are preventable. The sources are:
•Treating mental illness.
•Improving coping strategies of people who are at risk.
•Giving people hope for better life after current problems are resolved.
•Training of non-socialized health workers in the assessment and management of suicidal behaviour.
•Most importantly parents have to be friendly and they have to understand their children.

Suicide is not a solution. By committing suicide not only you are hurting yourself but also you are doing the same to your family. Instead of committing suicide find the beauty in your life. Pain is temporary. One day you are going to find happiness in your life.

Lamia Rahman Himi
Department of Economics
Jagannath University, Bangladesh.

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