Public awareness needed to prevent cyber bullying

Public awareness needed to prevent Cyber bullying
In recent times world has gone so much ahead in the information technology  and with the help of technology the world is changing in every moment.With the advancement of science, from child to elderly smart phone is in everyones hand.But although these technologies were introduced for the good of the world but we are misusing these technologies Everyday. adolescents,children and womens are becoming main victim of these crimes. Specially nowadays  many are becoming victims of cyber bullying in Social media.

Cyber refers to technology and virtual issues. Bullying is harassing someone. Cyber ​​bullying is the act of demeaning someone online, trolling them, making embarrassing nonsense comments in the comment box, opening a fake ID using the person's picture or name, spreading distorted pictures on social media,sending vulgar messages and so on. Cyber bullying is one kind of a crime and there is punishment for this crime.If victim wishes he/she can take proper action against the criminal.Underaged teens, womens and children’s are main victim of cyber bullying.Among victims who are underaged Don't know how to handle these situations.Generally most of them doesn't want to share these incident with anyone.As a result the criminals get away easily. In recent times not only just underaged teens and womens are becoming victims but also many celebrities are also becoming victims of cyber bullying.

Among underaged teens and women's  most of them becomes victim of cyber bullying in social media. Children’s becomes victim in the time of playing many online games.In cyber bullying most of the victims are seen to be emotionally broken.They lose interest from everything. They stop talking with friends and family.They lose attention from study.Many of them suicide. 

Today's generation kids are introduced with smart phone,Facebook and others social media in Very small age.But comparison with these kids Their parents are not quite familiar with all the technology.Most of them are seen busy with their work,as a result they can not keep an eye on their children. These childrens easily misuse technology.Among these childrens many of them becomes Cyber bullying victims specially girls.

In addition, teenagers are afraid to tell their parents about it, fearing that they will be scolded if their parents find out.This makes the problem more critical.  These incidents left a very bad effect on the minds of children and teenagers which create deep wounds in their minds.Their psychological growth hampers. 

If someone becomes victim of cyber bullying:
She shouldn’t become involved in unnecessary debate with the criminal. There is option named block in  social media,the victim can use this feature to get rid of the criminal from the social media.But if the criminal blackmail of doing something dangerous which can be shameful for the victim or and victims  family or give threat of killing then the victim should contact with police.Everyone should be careful in making friends with strangers.Parents should keep  friendly relationship with their kids.

Cyber ​​bullying is a heinous crime and an extreme degradation of morality. We have to be vocal against cyber bullying. If someone commits cyber bullying, he has to be brought under the law. Adolescents, women and children can be protected from these crimes only by creating awareness.

MD. Ishtiak Hossain Shoaib
MD. Ishtiak Hossain Shoaib 
Student,Department of international relations University of Rajshahi,Bangladesh

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