'Social Harmony' in the present context

Social Harmony in the present context
As social beings, we know enough about social harmony. Whether we like it or not, we are constantly confronted with this term. The issue of social harmony basically refers to social unity. Society gives us a lot, everything is possible mainly because of the people under it. So, we all are indebted from our own place. Our responsibilities are surrounded by the environment around us. We all are part of nature, we are nature. We cannot evade its liability in case we want. Whether it is in our habit or not, we are constantly tasting its consequences consciously or unconsciously.

The first thing one needs to lead a house, a village, a city, a country in a proper way is 'Social Harmony'.  'Social Harmony'  plays a vital role in guiding a house, village, a city or a country in the right direction. Any work can be done easily if there is a bond of harmony and love which doesn’t create any conflict. From which both the country and the nation are benefited. And if there is no bond of harmony and love all work has to face obstacles. Sometimes,  it turns into a bloody war which has a negative impact on the country and the nation. Therefore, there should be a bond of harmony between  the country and the nation.

In the current situation, social harmony is essential. Bangladesh is a multi-religious country. People of different religions have different ideologies, different ways of life. So, the thing that is needed to tie them all together is 'social harmony'. In the current age of technology, various rumors are spreading at the moment. As there is no bond of harmony, conflict starts in the society. This would not have happened if there is a bond of social harmony. Everyone would sit in the discussion to prove the truth of the rumors.

In the current context, the issue of social harmony in Bangladesh is not an easy thing. Most of the people of the country are unaware of this issue except a few people. Although everyone should maintain social harmony in this pandemic, considering the country's economy and people’s livelihood, this social harmony is  nothing but a matter of laughter. Because our country is economically weak and most of the people live from hand to mouth. So they have to go out  and  work to keep their livelihood prosperous for which it has become difficult for the common  people to maintain social distance in the time of pandemic.

Nowadays due to the lack of social harmony, there are intense disputes between different political parties. They become violent at any moment. People of one political party cannot tolerate people of another political party,  and the main reason  for this is  lack of 'social harmony'. We  have forgotten that social harmony has its own individuality. We forget that social harmony has its own uniqueness when we think of self-defence. Now the question is; if social harmony has its own individuality, then,  why are we behaving like that in this critical situation of the nation?

To find the answer to this question, it is necessary to say something about 'Covid -19'. 'Covid-19'  is a  virus that enters the human body and reduces the function of the lungs. It is easily transmitted to the human body. Just a little touch is enough  for this infection. Here the problem  begins when it comes to the question of virus infection  people are forgetting the key to social harmony to protect themselves from the infection. In most cases, we can't follow all those rules even if we want to.

When we think of society, the first thing that comes to our mind is family and society is created from the family. So, naturally, the effort of harmony should start from the family. We are standing in the face of the pandemic. Consciously or subconsciously, we are thinking of the person in front of us as a vehicle for virus transmission. We, unknowingly engage in a false attempt to imprison ourselves behind an invisible screen. In short,  we are forgetting social harmony.

Maybe we are wrongly practicing social harmony. No problem can be solved by blaming. Problems are  solved through work. As our shelter, we need umbrellas  as well as raincoats in the rainstorm. Similarly, we will take appropriate steps to protect ourselves from the attack of Covid-19. We will take those steps and  tackle this problem not by excluding people but by keeping people on our side. Adhering to social distance doesn’t mean that we have to avoid people. Rather, in this crisis, we must stand by the people with suitable steps.                   
Syeda Mymuna
Student,Department of English Language and Literature 
Premier University,Chittagong

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