Everyone is concerned about pandemics why not road accidents in Bangladesh

Everyone is concerned about pandemics why not road accidents in Bangladesh

On Saturday, 22 March 2020, there was a very agonizing accident that took place between a truck and a bus in the Chattogram-Cox’ s-Bazar highway road.It was a face to face incident. In that accident, 12 passengers of the bus reported being spot death. When I read the news, I was shocked. At the same time, 12 peoples died, and more people were injured in this road accident. But sorry to say that road accident is not an unfamiliar issue in Bangladesh.This is a common issuein Bangladesh. When I read the newspaper, news of road accidents isusual.

According to Jattri Kollan Somity,the total number of road accidents on January was 501, and in these accidents, the total number of deaths was 547. In these accidents,the total injured people were 1141. In February,the total number of road accidents was 504, and these road accidents died people were 534. In these accidents, all the injured people were 1169. The total number of deaths in January and February was 1081 and the total number of injured was 2310.

In 2020, 4 January “Nirapod Sharak Chai” (NiSCha) showcases a history of road accidents in Bangladesh 2019.On this day,the chairman of NiSCha describesthe overall situation of the road accident of Bangladesh. According to NiSCha, last year happened total road accident 4702, and these accidents died of 5227 and injured were 6953. A considerable number of accidents occurred in Dhaka; it was 309. In this report showcases, day NiSCha’s chairman said that illiterate and unskillful driver, without fitness vehicle, weak traffic system, without awareness and high speed, lack ofpolitical legality, properly not used road act, these causes are fundamental for road accidents.

In 2018, the number oftotal road accidentswas 3103, and in these road accidents,the number of total deaths was4039. And the total injured people were 7245.  In 2017, by the three thousand forty-nine road accidents, total died people were five thousand six hundred forty-five. And the total injured people were seven thousand nine hundred eight.

Nevertheless, we said that COVID-19 is an epidemic for Bangladesh. Not only Bangladesh but also the world’s epidemic COVID-19. COVID-19 is indeeda vast issue and epidemic in Bangladesh. It is also true that the road accident is not a general issue comparative to COVID19. In Bangladesh,the first COVID-19 is detected on 8 March 2020. Till 2 June 2020,the total number of dead people is 709, and the entire affected are 52445 that is not vast from road accidents. But Bangladesh’s government cannot afford proper active for road accidents problem likely COVID19.

Bangladesh government did a new act,“ Road Transparent Act 2018,” and this act effective on 1 November 2019. After one year, this act has done effectively. In this act, have a solution for road accidents problem, but many experts said about this act that is not proper and has a many lack of appropriate solution. Actually, the punishment has increased in this act than before.

According to new act, if one breaks the traffics rules, his fine is 10 thousand Taka. Which was 500 handed Taka in the previous act. If any driver drives with over speed and by the speed people will have injuries, his punish is 3 lac Taka with 3 Years lockup. According to the new act, the helper will be pass the 5th class, and the driver will be pass the 8th class that is contradictory because when a person worked in helper, how to he going school? It is impossible that the helper will be going to school. In Bangladesh, more drivers first time he was helper because there is not an available driving institution in Bangladesh.

But why? What doesn’t the government know about it? The government always said that they are concerned about it, but road accidents don’t decrease. Most people in Bangladesh are unfamiliar about the “Road Transparent Act 2018”. However, we know that the problem does not end-all. Have a famous English proverb like “failure is the pillar of success” for any problem-solving needs a pure activity and pre-plan. Nevertheless, occasionally we forget it. Sorry to say that, we have a budget and act against for control road accidents, but road accidentdoesn’tdecrease. Road accidents not only a problem but also a national crisis.

Jattri Kallan Somity gave 12 suggestions for road accident problem-solving. The first one is used digital C C camera and intensely practiced “Road Transparent Act 2018.”The second one is providing wide publicity to prevent road accidents. The third one is the pavement is to release occupancy. Forth one is in the country placing road marks on the road and highway and drawing Zebra Crashing. The fifth one is to provide professional training and moral education for drivers. However, other suggestions are most important, as the above suggestions.

If the government wants to control the road accident problem, it will be possible. But without the positive support of citizens, it is impossible. For which the driver needs moral education and institutional education. Otherwise, every step will be broken because the education illuminates people. Education does not teach people to kill.

Md.Tajul Islam
Student, Department of Public Administration
Comilla University

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