How rape can be stopped!

How rape can be stopped!
Rape is currently the most talked issue in the country. Rape is a horrible matter in the country now. As soon as the pages of newspapers, television screens and social media were opened, the news of rape came to our notice. All the courtyards are abuzz with news of rape.

In the analysis of statistics, it can be said without hesitation that rape is going to become an omnipresent crime in our country. According to the latest figures from the human rights organization of Law and Arbitration Center (Ain O Salish Kendra), an average of 111 women have been raped every month this year. From January to August, 889 women were raped.  41women have died due to rape. In 2017, 818 women were raped. In 2018, 732 people and in 2019, 1,413 women were raped.  76 women were killed after being raped in 2019.  10 women were forced to commit suicide.  According to statistics, the number of rapes is increasing day by day.

A few months ago, a university student was raped on the busiest sidewalk in the busiest city of Dhaka. A few weeks ago, a garment worker was gang-raped on a bus in Comilla.  At that time, many feminists in this country argued that 'the girl was alone, the girl's clothes, why she came out alone'- they made the girl guilty of rape by using these irrational tags.

But today, the girl could not stay safe in a densely populated area of ​​the independent country, even though she went out with her most loyal person husband. She could not escape the greedy hands of rapists. The 20-year-old girl was gang-raped while she was with her husband. The incident that I have been talking about for so long - you may have understood it by now.

  A few days ago, a young woman was gang-raped in Sylhet while visiting with her husband. "In our country, the punishment for rape is life imprisonment. Despite such strict laws, one rape after another is still going on."  The level of crime in the country is clear from the events of the last few days.

One of the reasons for the increasing number of rapes is the lack of proper implementation of the law.  Also one of the main reasons is - political identity, the influence of power.  Criminals have the opportunity to use their political identities as a shield against punishment. They know that the police, the law, the judiciary and the administration are all shadows of their crime. They know that these institutions can be suppressed by showing the influence of power. So they easily and fearlessly get involved in various crimes.

It has been seen recently that the ruling party workers are involved in the incidents of rape that have taken place in different parts of the country including Sylhet.

"Let's see who can do what to me" - "I will stay out of reach, I have an attachment to the political ruling circle" - we are all aware of the attitude of the workers of any ruling party.  And such an aggressive attitude is one of the reasons for the increase of crime.

Criminals commit crimes because of the fact that they can get away with it.  This applies equally to any ordinary person, not just professional criminals.  Because he has no afraid of punishment! If any news of punishment could be heard in parallel with the news of one rape after another, then the number of rapes in the country would have decreased significantly.

Regardless of the rapist's political or others identity, the identity of the rapist is 'he is rapist.'  Firstly, the  political garb must be stripped from the rapist's body. He will then have to provide exemplary severe punishment for his crime so that the next one can learn from it and keep himself away from the crime.  Above all, we all need to be vocal in preventing rape.

Emran Emon
Emran Emon
Poet and Columnist
Student, Department of English
University of Chittagong.

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