Hypertension -The silent killer

Hypertension -The silent killer

Generally, World Hypertension Day (WHD) is celebrated  on 17 May yet this year because of COVID-19 pandemic, WHD has been proceeded onward 17 October. Theme of this current year is " Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer." 

More than one billion individuals around the globe live with (hypertension), which is a significant reason for cardiovascular diseases  and sudden death around the world. The prevalence of hypertension is felt excessively in low-and middle income  nations, where 66% of cases are found, generally because of expanded danger factors in those population in ongoing many years. Likewise, around half of individuals living with hypertension are ignorant of their condition, putting them in danger of avoidable unexpected problems and passing. 

Hypertension is viewed as a practically lasting ailment. For this, both treatment and anticipation are significant. In any case there is a danger of different inconveniences, even unexpected passing. 

Hypertension is a silent killer

Commonly there are no early indications of hypertension. This is the most alarming part of hypertension. Albeit commonly the patient has no indications, quiet hypertension can harm various pieces of the body. That is the reason that hypertention is known as a 'silent killer'. Uncontrolled and untreated hypertension can prompt genuine physical difficulties. 

Possible complications 

At the point when BO is not controlled, possible  difficulties can happen in four significant organs of the body. For example, the heart, kidneys, cerebrum and eyes. Uncontrolled hypertension can prompt debilitating of the heart muscle. A powerless heart can't pump blood and this condition is called cardiovascular breakdown. A narrowing of the veins can prompt a coronary episode or localized necrosis. Hypertension can cause kidney harm, stroke, and even death. Furthermore, seeping in the retina of the eye may prompt visual impairment. 

Causes of hypertension 

No particular reason for hypertension is known in 90% of patients, it is called primary hypertension.

A few elements that can increase the danger of hypertension.They are:

  • Smoking: In the body of a smoker, different poisons of tobacco can cause different infections of supply routes, veins and heart including hypertension. 
  • Excess salt intake: Edible salt contains sodium, which builds the water substance of the blood. Accordingly, blood volume and weight increment
  • Overweight and misleading way of life: If you don't get enough exercise and physical work, body weight can be increased.  This requires additional work on the heart. Overweight individuals will in general have hypertension. 
  • Unhealthy dietary patterns: Eating additional greasy nourishments, for example, meat, margarine and pan fried food sources can prompt weight gain. The yolk of the egg and the liver, kidneys, mind play these expansion the cholesterol in the blood. Overabundance cholesterol in the blood makes the dividers of veins thick and hard. Therefore, BP may rise. 
  • Diabetes: Patients with diabetes grow hypertension with age. Also, they may have visual deficiency and different kidney sicknesses. 
  • Excessive uneasiness: Excessive indignation, fervor, dread and stress can likewise cause pulse to rise incidentally. In the event that this pressure continues and the patient can't adapt to the expanding pressure, this hypertension may get perpetual. 
Some diseases  can cause hypertension. At the point when explicit causes are discovered, it is called secondary hypertension. Here are some of the diseases:
  1. Kidney disease.
  2. Tumors of the adrenal glands and pituitary glands.
  3. Hereditary diseases of arteries.
  4. If eclampsia and pre-eclampsia during pregnancy.
  5. Using birth control pills for a long time, taking steroid hormones and taking some painkillers.

Tips to diminish the danger of hypertension 

It is conceivable to diminish the danger of hypertension by making way of life changes. Inherited hypertension can't be decreased. In any case, in such cases, more consideration ought to be paid to the components that can be controlled.
  • Excess weight ought to be diminished: Eating ought to be controlled and standard exercise ought to be finished. When the objective weight is reached, a restricted eating routine ought to be followed and exercise ought to be proceeded. Weight reduction will be trailed by weakness and steady sleepiness. It is better not to assume weight reduction drugs without the guidance of a specialist. 
  • Caution in food consumption: Low fat and low cholesterol nourishments ought to be eaten. For instance, khasi or meat, liver, cerebrum, swallow, eggs ought to be eaten less. Low-fat nourishments and skim milk, unsaturated fats, for example, soybean, canola, corn oil or sunflower oil can be eaten. It is smarter to eat more sinewy food. It is smarter to eat flour bread and semolina with some restraint. 
  • Salt control: Excess salt in vegetables ought to be avoded. 
  • Alcohol: Alcohol ought to be avoided. 
  • Regular work out: morning-evening strolling, running if conceivable, light exercise, utilizing the steps without taking the lift, and so forth 
  • Smoking discontinuance: Smoking must be evaded. Avoid contact with smokers. Tobacco leaves, jordan, rose planting and so forth ought to be dodged. 
  • Diabetes control: Those who have diabetes must control it. 
  • Regular Blood pressure test: Regular BP test ought to be finished by heading off to the specialist. The prior hypertension is gotten, the sooner it tends to be controlled and shielded from complex sicknesses or responses. 

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Writer :
Md. Shakil Hossain
Student,Department of Pharmacy
Pabna University of Science and Technology 

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