Prioritization of Moral Education In Creating Gender Equality

Prioritization of Moral Education In Creating Gender Equality

Nowadays intolerance in our society has come to a frightful condition.Whenever we open newspaper,we can see vicious number of crime news. Corruption, murder, rape, food adulteration and so many different perpetrations have overwhelmed our country.All of these indicate to a decrescent situation of social morality we are facing now.

According to the non-government rights organisation 'Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK)', 975 women were raped in last 9 months in ongoing year.Besides,12 women commited suicide because of sexual harassment and 9 men were killed while protesting against that kind of crime.

The organisation also stated that 432 women were victimized in the domestic violence in last nine months.

Moreover,Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) received 184 rape cases in the last five months in the Dhaka Metropolitan area.These statistics certainly show us how far we are standing behind from securing our women citizens' safety.One of the core reasons of facing this critical situation is lack of moral education.Ethical knowledge is an inevitable part in human life that is primarily gained from family;specially from parents.It is a process that gives children a set of values and beliefs to identify right and wrong.This is the most effectual source to create a permanent respect for all kind of people;in particular,for females.To create a safe nation with long term impact,today's children are mustly taught moral values in following points of view by their parents:

• Build A Gender Neutral Household Environment

As gender is an important identity of every human life,parents must ensure a home environment respecting each other's choices to teach their infants to be compassionate of opposite gender.Encourage children to be equally friendly minded with all.

•Teach To Be Gentle

The male children who grow up witnessing domestic violence between their parents mostly hold the objectifying mentality towards female in further life.It is the core responsibility for parents to show gentleness to each other so that boys can grow up holding the same psychological mastery of gentleness for opposite gender.

•Keeping Eye On Media Influence 

Parents should be keeping eye what their children are watching on TV.Vulgar contents that objectify women should be strictly prohibited for children at home.

•Teach Children To Keep Humble Emotion

There is a common belief in our society that boys are usually the only dominant of power and other strong emotions while girls keep soft and submissive attitude.It may lead a kid to objectify a girl from his very childhood.So parents should compulsorily introduce their children to be humble in every aspect to opposite gender.

•Encourage To Share And Overcome Fear

Male children are also sometimes abused by their surroundings.The fear often provoke them to be psychologically or behaviourally brutal in future life.Parents need to make free and regular counsellings with their children to understand if any kind of fear they hold towards their surroundings and should also help them to overcome that.

•Basic Religious Practice Is Necessary 

Every religion encourages to respect women.Children should be taught the proper religious lessons to respect women and to take care of their other moral values.

Bangladesh is progressing day by day in all of its important sectors and women are at the core part of our socio-economic progressions.But  failure to ensure the security for our female may lead the whole nation to a devastating social upshot.To stop and repair the on going ethical damage in the society,we have to create a brighter future generation with moral values of gender equality and other facts besides strict law enforcement.Parents  have to take the key responsibility to make their children sensible human being in order to build a better nation.


Golam Kibria Limon 

Student,Department of Economics 

University of Rajshahi

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