Need safe environment for women

Need safe environment for women
About half of the 160 million population in Bangladesh are women. The contribution of women in the overall development of the country is no less. Our constitution guarantees equal rights for men and women. In an independent state, men and women will have equal rights, it is normal for everyone to move freely. But are women really independent in our country? Are they able to develop their lives freely?

Women in Bangladesh are the most neglected and abused in the family and social life. Women are constantly being subjected to various forms of violence at every stage of social life starting from family life. In a patriarchal society and state system, women have to bear the brunt of torture, oppression and death.Repeated injuries are coming on the life and body of the woman. These injuries and the threat of injuries are shrinking the lives of women. Whenever we look trough the newspaper every day, we see many touching incidents of brutal torture on women. Although these incidents of torture temporarily caused a stir in the society, due to the recurrence, the people of the society have learned to take the matter as normal. However, it is not normal for a woman to be tortured.

Victims of violence have a negative attitude towards the world and life, and live a life of despair. The abused family suffers a mental breakdown. In our society, women are more vulnerable to violence inside the home than women outside the home. The safe haven of every human being is the family; But it is in that family that women are being abused the most. Women are being abused by family members, especially husbands, at some point in their lives.

Women are constantly being sexually harassed at work, in educational institutions, on the streets, and even on moving buses. Acid throwing, trafficking, eve-teasing, women always suffer from a kind of insecurity. In the final stage of social degradation, rape of women and children is happening every day in this country.

The Bangladesh government has taken various steps to prevent violence against women. Various laws have been enacted. Various initiatives have also been taken at the private level. Now the question is why violence against women is not being stopped despite having so many laws or policies for women. Remember, violence against women cannot be stopped just by enacting laws, so we need a change in social attitudes.

We all need to come forward to create a safe environment for women. Wherever there is injustice against women, we have to stand up.

After all, full respect for women can create a safe environment for women everywhere. So, let's all work together to establish the dignity and justice of women in today's society. We can create a safe living environment for women by preventing all kinds of injustice against women.

Hafizur Rahman
Hafizur Rahman
Student, Government and Politics department
Jahangirnagar University.

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