Public awareness is needed to prevent road accidents

Public awareness is needed to prevent road accidents Md. Mahedi Hasan Arnob

At present, road accidents are a name of terror. Road accidents are being organized almost every day in some parts of our country. Innumerable lives are being lost in this. Evidence of this is found in the pages of newspapers or in the news of the electronic media.

At the rate at which road accidents are happening every day, the roads and highways of our country are turning into death traps. People have to walk on the roads and highways with death in their hands. People of our country are getting victims of road accidents due to various reasons.

Someone was walking on the road when suddenly a reckless speeding car came from behind and crushed him. Many are speeding along the busiest roads and getting stuck in buses, trucks or private cars. It was also seen that some passengers were getting down in the middle of the road when a car came on the road and crushed him.

The unconsciousness of the passengers is blamed for such incidents. To reduce road accidents, all public transport passengers, pedestrians and drivers need to be aware and vigilant. If everyone is aware, it will be possible to prevent many accidents.

Md. Mahedi Hasan Arnob
Department of Management
Govt.Titumir College, Dhaka

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