Teachers should be given their proper honor

In the context of Bangladesh, the mentality of looking at teaching as a regular profession has not yet been established. The country wants teachers to do their best. But in our country, there is no considerable dignity of teachers and even they are not appropriately treated. Rather they are severely harassed in so many ways in some parts of the country. There are some recent examples of such kinds of affairs which discomfit us. But it is a very well-known fact that if we do not evaluate teachers, if we are not aware of the dignity of them, it will not be possible to build a well-mannered society.

Teachers are indisputably considered as the maker of a nation. To make a nation moved forward and progressed, they play an inevitable role that can not be ignored. Only they can show the right track and lead the nation towards its aim. They are special in establishing justice and good governance. A responsible teacher conveys to the nation all the issues of truth and falsehood, virtues and vices, interests and developments of the country.

On October 5, World Teachers' Day is celebrated throughout some parts of the world with wonderful themes, no matter what disadvantages the teachers are facing in their personal lives. In this year, the theme in our country is "Teachers : Leadership in crisis, new future thoughts." So, on this World Teachers' Day, my expectation on behalf of all teachers is to ensure the respectable status of teachers in the country. They must be given a worthy position which they deserve.

Besides, teachers have also some unavoidable responsibilities and liabilities to the nation. They should be more sincere and enthusiastic in giving proper education and bringing the light of awakening to the students as well as to the nation. They must be aware of providing apposite solutions on the contemporary issues at the time of anarchy. Thus, their contributions can't be forgotten.

Naeem Ariyan
Student, Department of English
University of Chittagong.

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