What will happen to university students !

What will happen to university students !

According to education ministry, the HSC results for 2020 will be given based on the results of previous SSC and JSC examinations . The general public and students have reacted mixedly to the decision. Again, HSC results will not be considered in the university admission test this year. So, students will have the opportunity to get admission in the university on the basis of their own merit.

On the other hand, the educational institutions are closed due to the Corona situation, universities are no exception. Various universities are conducting online education activities. However, no theoretical examination is being taken in public universities.  As a result, the new sessionjot is being added to the previous sessionjot.

Again, final year students are unable to take the final year exams.  Many of them are unable to sit for the job test as they do not get the certificate as there are one or two exams left.  Many take four to six and a half years to graduate (it may take more!).  It takes a long time to complete the examination process by opening the campus.  As a result, the students have become gotten frustrated.

When an autopsy is decided on an important public exam like HSC, the lives of thousands of students are being shrouded in a cloud of despair today.  The age of government service is going away for many.  Many people's dreams are disappearing today.  We know that the University Grants Commission takes care of the universities.  But the biggest demand of the organization is to pay attention to this issue.  Again, universities are autonomous, so they also have the authority to make decisions in this regard.

The question of the lives of thousands of students needs to be decided by the concerned authorities now.

Md. Shakil Hossain
Department of Pharmacy
Pabna University of Science and Technology

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